Friday, December 30, 2011

Style Fail and weekly Hairstyle Dec. 2011

Hey everyone, It seems that I haven't done one of these for a veeerrrry long time. But everyone seemed to love these so lets get started with the red carpet fails first!
This picture is of Nicki Minaj at I believe the grammy's because thats what it says on the step and repeat behind her. Ok this is a total disaster. So lets get things straight. I love leopard print, you love leopard print, everyone loves leopard print, but there's a point to where you become so obsessed with it that you must take every item of clothing you own thats leopard and wear it all at the same time. This my friend is a special condition now called the nickieoparditus.  Pronounced Nick-E-ep-or-i-tus. Its a serious condition found in all Nicki Minaj's. :) Just kidding, I love Nicki, but this is a complete terrifying experience.
This is Sarah Jessica Parker...somewhere :) I don't know for sure, but it looks like someone took a lace bra, some nude tulle and a plaid kilt, ran it over and threw it on SJP, please, the picture speaks for itself. save plaid for the 70's.
And now for the wonderful weekly hairstyle!(s)
Jennifer  Lopez! I absolutely love her hair in this picture. a nice straight straight strand and then a nice wavy curl at the bottom looks lovely with her face shape not to mention the beautiful honey chestnut with highlights that flatter her skin tone. Then to kick it off, the white to make her olive tones stand out.  This is an example of a well balanced yet beautiful look. The makeup is simple with nothing bold because the hair does the talking :) I love love love this and I can't wait to rock it for 2011! Happy new year if I don't get my next post up!
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xoxo shenae.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Prom 2012! Glitter, Sparkle, Tulle!

Prom 2012! Glitter, Sparkle, Tulle!

Prom 2012! Glitter, Sparkle, Tulle! by nerdglasses22 featuring party dresses

With prom coming right around the corner, and sparkle being the biggest hit of fall/winter 2011 we all know that it's going to be the star of 2012 prom too! A few of the biggest problems for prom is getting everything at a good price, finding a hot date, and looking gorgeous. But there's always a point of Promzilla where you definitely do NOT want to stress about your price, guy, and beautifulness.  Here is a list of good dress stores for prom dresses or just formal dance dresses , , , , , , , and there are plenty more sites but these are the most popular. That gets one thing out of the way. But also just remember, if you see a dress that you really like and you have enough money for it but you think, aww I wanted to save up for...blah blah blah...just think to yourself, I only get prom TWO times my entire life, there's no going back to the past. It's alright to splurge on a prom dress because this is going to be a huge night to remember.
Next topic is a hot date. If you have a boyfriend then you should totally go with him, if you have a crush, don't be afraid to ask him, the worst he could say is no. Which would totally suck, trust me I have been rejected before and it hurts but if you just move on and go with friends it will be so much better than sitting at home crying and wasting the money you spent on your expensive prom dress. Going with friends is a no fail also, that way you don't have to be nervous about coordinating colors, finding a resturaunt he likes, and just being ancy and nervous in general. With friends, fun comes naturally and if it doesn't, then maybe they're not good friends haha.
Next topic which is my favorite is the hair and makeup. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT! go get your hair and makeup done if you are on a budget, save your money for a dress. I'm sure you have a curling iron at home, just watch some youtube videos like macbarbie07 juicystar07 allthatglitters21 missglamorazzi and there are so many more, actually i also have a youtube channel it is iloveprettyhair and I have a few video's up so far. I'd love it if you'd check it out but. back to subject. Getting your makeup done professionally is extremely expensive it can cost from 30$ to 100$ some dresses don't even cost that much! Plus if you do your own makeup, it resembles what your style is, unlike some random person that might not even know you and has no idea you like....rock and roll so they give you pink eye shaddow or they may not know that your dress is green so they make your eyeshaddow purple! That would be embarrassing which actually it would look cute but anyways, its all about being you and staying true to yourself when it comes to the hair and makeup process. Most likely if a guy asked you to prom, it's because he thinks your pretty, so he probably likes the way you do your makeup when your most around him. Do you get what I'm saying, like if you wear black eyeliner, mascara and pink lips to school every day and then a guy asked you out, maybe its that makeup that looks pretty on you, your everyday makeup. So get out there, and have a BLAST!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Youtube video's!

If your a creepy creeper thats creepy please don't watch my youtube video's, people like you are scary and yeah. :) so now that I've got that out of the way, here's my link to my channel and I hope you guys enjoy, please subscribe and tell your friends, I'm really new at this and my camera is actually not a camera at all, its my mini netbook :) haha. I don't have a camcorder and my actual camera takes literally 12 hours to upload video but I think this is a good start. It is really fun and I'm really excited to see what happens. So here's the link

I have  vids up so far, the first one is a skincare video, the second one is how to put on liquid eyeliner and the latest one is an OOTD so I had a lot of fun and I hope you like them :) BYeeee SUBSCRIBE PLEAASSee comments too, even bad ones, I need constructive criticism so yaaayyy

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I got my first high end makeup product!

              Well, actually its a package of high end products, but I got the Benefit "the big ten" set that includes 10 of their most popular products. Its only a mini of each thing though but it was only 32$ at my local sephora so i was really excited! The downside is that I have to wait to open it until Christmas because this year I got to buy almost all of my Christmas presents this year from my parents and then they said they'd get me some surprise ones too but I got a whole bunch of great stuff! (Haul anyone?) my haul will probably be my next post but it wont be until after Christmas because I have a ton going on right now, plus I don't want to do a haul and then do another one right afterward with the other products that I get from other family members so I probably wont post the haul until around the 28th or so because I'm having family Christmas on the 26th :) I also did a new nail polish design and I'll insert that pic now :)
Panda nails! Love! Comment and tell me what your going to get for christmas if you already know! also tell me what's on your nails right now? post a pic on my facebook!
xoxo shenae! Merry christmas

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Obsessions!

Hey guys! Long time no blog :( This post might seem like a "Favorites" post but it's sort of different but I really wanted to tell you about one thing, but then I thought of  million so here goes.
1.) My first obsession is with Delia's aka dELiAs I think that's how the spell it on the site. It's a clothing/accessory/room decor/shoe store. Your basic girl heaven. I was on there because, I'm not gonna lie, I have huge feet. Size 12 but I can wear size 11 so I was looking for cute shoes! OMG they have sizes 5-11 with the extended 11-12 size! The only prob is that there's limited selection for big foot's. However I'm completely fine with cramming my gondola's into some super cute and worth it shoes. Plus the price is astounding!
2.) My second obsession ties in with my first obsession. I've really wanted some toms for some time now. If you don't know what Toms are they are cute flats that are made of fabric and are really cute. With every pair you buy, a pair goes to a child in need which I would totally love to help, but at $54 (us currency) I don't think that its worth it. I mean of course helping kids get shoes is worth it but the shoes its self is kinda a waste. But if your not into $54 dollars a pair like I'm not. Then check out these
They're called espadrille flats and they come in some really cute colors and designs. There were two brands of the espadrilles on Delia' there was the ones I showed you with the patterns and there were some that were glittery or they had just pink or yellow or plain colors. So many to choose from, here's the link to the other brand on Delia's
These are super cute too. I'm thinking about saving up money and buying two pairs (Yellow or pink and maybe the Aztec print ones?) not sure yet though. You can buy two pairs of these for the same price or less of the actual TOMS which I feel bad about saying they're expensive because its helping people but come on! You see my point though. Most people don't even care about the "shoes for kids" thing and just get them anyways, I bet they wished they had seen these on
3.) My next obsessions are Value Sets at Ulta and Sephora. I've been hearing about gift sets from Allthatglitters21 and her Holiday Gift Guide video and I decided I should check them out. I looked at sephora and saw that they have some Benefit Value Sets for $26 that includes

  • Girl Meets Pearl
  • High Beam
  • Pose-tint
  • Erase Paste

Usually just the erase paste is $26 dollars but here's a whole bunch of items for way less that what you'd originally pay! They also have a fragrance mini set there too, for $50 dollars you get 12 mini fragrances to try and then when you've picked your favorite you take a certificate from the box and receive one full size perfume! And you get to keep the minis!

4.) My fourth obsession is definitely the Cookie Dough Luna Bar. It's 12 grams of protein and they're super yummy.

5.) T-shirt Tuesday! T shirt Tuesday is a T-shirt on Tuesday! I'm the kind of girl who likes to always dress up, and so even though I own a crap ton of T-shirts, I never really put good use to them so they got old and dusty, jk. So I decided I would follow what Missglamorazzi on YouTube does and start a tradition of wearing a t-shirt every Tuesday from now on. That way I don't feel like I paid all that money on --yes, we all knew the trend--Branded T-shirts and never get a good wear for the buy. I also do Sweatshirt Thursday where I obviously wear a sweatshirt on Thursday but I don't own very many sweatshirts. Like the actual Graphic Sweatshirt that says something like Aero on it or has a cute saying and I can't find them online, it's kinda sad actually. Either way, my mission is for someone to help me find one so I can buy some more and wear them on Thursday.
6.) Curled hair. but the trick is to pin it up to your head with a bobby pin after normal curling. It not only makes it bouncier but gives it more volume and makes it a prettier spiral. You can watch a Macbarbie07 video on YouTube and I'm pretty sure she does it nicely.
Those were my obsessions lately. Have a merry Christmas if I don't talk soon which I will because I'm working on a Holiday Gift post. Shhhshhhhh. ;) xoxo shenae.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

November Favorites :)

I know I already did a November favorites video but I meant "October Favorites". You're supposed to do the favorites from the month that just passed and I wasn't even thinking. So without further ado, the Real November favorites.
Crest 3d white professional effects whitestrips
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs
Parting Straight hair to the side like this.
Breaking Dawn part 1
Riding Boots
Charlotte Russe
Those were my favorites for the month of November, I hope you enjoy or check these things out!
Xoxo Shenae,
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Endearing Photos

 The pictures below are some inspiration that I found on its a site that has a lot of  photography pictures. 

I love the shorts in this picture. They're sequinny. 
Xoxo. Shenae

Trend report! Color-blocking!

Colorblocking Trend

Are you daring? Are you sassy? Are you wild? Are you high fashion? Have you heard about color-blocking? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you'll probably like the color-blocking trend going on.  Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and plenty other designers are including color-blocking in their fashion lineups. It's a hard trend to pull off but with the right accessories, anyone can do it!
Xoxo Shenae!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Super Mad please help me!

 Ok so I'm kinda mad because the last few posts I've done were perfect but stupid blogger cut them off so no one could read them. I don't know how to fix it and I've tried editing and everything but it just won't work with Polyvore...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trend report...Sequins! Hottest way to make a statement.

I'm extremely excited to say that the newest and hottest trend for winter spring are sequins! It can be any color or texture or print underneath as long as its sequiny. Even at the gym you can wear sequin spandex and it's awesome! It's totally chic and classy. Pair it with a white oxford, a black bow tie, the sequin shorts, and a blazer, maybe add black heels and you're looking great! Dresses are also a huge hit. sequined on top, tulle on the bottom. I especially love the dress below because of its gorgeous sweetheart neckline and simple detailing.  Above in the picture are some of the things I think are cute with sequins.
Here are some of my favorite celebs wearing sequins...
Lauren Conrad
Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez
Kim Kardashian

Hope you enjoyed and I also hope you purchase or just wear something sequined this season! Xoxo Shenae <3

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Inspiration: Poppy red.

                  A poppy is one of a group of a flowering plants in the poppy family, many of which are grown in gardens for their colorful flowers. Poppies are sometimes used for symbolic reasons, such as in remembrance of soldiers who have died during wartime.

                 Poppy flowers have 4 to 6 petals. The petals may be almost any color, and some have markings. Before blooming, the petals are crumpled in the bud ad as blooming finishes, the petals often lie flat before falling away. A whorl of stamens is in the center of the flower.

Its really awesome
         I am inspired by the poppy to me it is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The color of (most) poppies is red. Red light is scattered the least and therefore reaches the greatest distance among all colors of the visible spectrum.  I based this photo collage on just that. The color red, poppies, crimson! Maybe that's why on Valentines Day, you wear pink and red. Maybe it will attract your love. I say, how about tomorrow, just look through your closet and wear something red. It could be a shirt, dress, pants those are really in by the way...colored denim, hat, necklace, bracelet, scarf, shoes...something red. It's a beautiful color, and you're beautiful too, so wear red. I'm sure something good will come out of it!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Favorites!

Hello beauties, today I'll be showing you some of my favorite items last month, October. My first favorite is definitely
The tresemme Moisture Rich conditioner. It really gets your hair soft and shiny if you do it right. Put the conditioner only on the ponytail part of your hair, mainly ends and let it soak for about two minutes. I suggest washing your body to pass the two minutes time if you are in the shower. Speaking of body washes, I think that the
The honeysuckle and orange peel body wash by softsoap. It's really good smelling and I feel like it gets me clean. I like bodywashes better than soap bars because soap bars usually dry you out. I'm not sure why but they just don't come off all the way sometimes, also if you live in a big family and you share soap...ew. You see where I'm going right? Anywho bodywashes are better because they come out of a tube in which peoples grossness doesn't touch... even family, I'm sorry but you know I'm right.  I also found that one of my favorites for the month of  October is a new face wash I bought! It's by Biore
It's a steam activated cleanser which is great for people like me who wash their face in the shower because I usually only wash my face at night because I still go to school and don't have time, but the point is, that I take hot showers at night and the steam will activate the cleanser and even if it's not steamy it still gets your face really clean. It's my first time trying Biore and so I wasn't sure if it would work but it really seemed to and I'm happy with my purchase. I also found a scrub at Target yesterday which Im not sure if it counts because it found it in November but who cares.
The clean and clear morning burst skin brightening scrub. I used this last night and it worked wonders, I could feel my skin tingling but it was a good sign. It's also alot gentler than the st.Ives apricot scrub, that scrub always felt really hard and scratchy and it made my face red so this was a nice difference. To stop the tingling from this scrub, use my new favorite moisturizer!

This moisturizer isn't runny and it really does make your acne go away. It says on the packaging that it moisturizes your face and clears acne, and the best's only $5.99 at target that's AMAZING compared to the $15.00 moisturizers that are in even smaller containers than this one. And if that's not enough, guess what? Theres more than one kind. There's a mattifying moisturizer, the acne one, and another one I can't think of but there are tons of choices. I think that clean and clear are my new favorite brand of the Year 2011. There's still time though. After you've washed your face you can put on some makeup
That's right. It's the Covergirl Natureluxe foundation. I'm a 315 which is a darker than pale but not quite a tan yet, it has an olive tone. There's only two things I don't like about it. The price first, it's about 9-10 or even at walgreens 12 dollars and I don't think that the tiny foundation is worth that. The second thing is that is kind of looks cakey if you don't apply it correctly. I usually just use my fingers but it gets kind of cakey looking even if you don't put powder over it, which I don't. It's not a terrible cakeyness though. It's not noticeable but I like how it's light but has tons of coverage. Moving on to my last beauty favorite we have
Ok, so here's the sitch, I am on my 7th day on the white strips and my teeth are a lot whiter than they were in the beginning but they aren't blindingly white like the commercials say. I definitely suggest buying these if you have medium to barely yellow teeth because they drastically will change it but I had pretty yellow teeth and they only brought it up to barely yellow which is great but hopefully they get better which they haven't for about two times. I use them everyday and only skipped one day I have them on for 30 minutes and I really like them. I'm pretty sure I'll be repurchasing them. Oh and by the way, your probably wondering why I'm saying I'll repurchase them if I'm on my 7th day, I went in on them with my mom so we split them, only ten each. But even on the 7th one my teeth are so much whiter. I promise I'm not paid to do this, they really are whiter, not blindingly but hey, these are white strips not a 500$ treatment. I definitely got the bang out of the buck.
These were my favorites of  October, I hope you liked it! vote on my poll lovelies!
xoxo shenae

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Layer up!


With fall being here so soon--yesterday it was summer I swear-- we find ourselves cold and not used to the chilly weather being that lately it's been hot and sunny. The easiest way to overcome your chilliness is to layer up! Tank top, T-shirt, thin sweater, sweatshirt, coat. Since it's fall now, I think it's time to introduce... The scarf, *Gasp from crowd* I'm going to tell you right now, I do not own a single scarf, but I absolutely posatootley want one. They're not expensive either, and I think they're great, but it's just something I don't find myself buying. I'd buy a basic tank or a green tee like the ones shown above, but I don't buy scarves because I don't think they go with alot of things. However if you wear it right, then it could be the most super cute outfit known to woman kind! Here are some pictures where people wear the scarves right --to me-- :)
Lauren Conrad
Taylor Swift
Shenae Grimes :) shenae
Random scarf pictures to show how to wear them :) Moving on I have some moccasins which are a huge staple in my shoe pile. I bought some cheap ones from payless last year and definitely got my wearings worth out of them. I wore those shoes through the snow, in the heat, and in the rain, for the most part they held up. I'd had them for about two years until they got ruined. I just bought a new pair of grey ones from payless, same ones different color, and I absolutely am so super satisfied. They're so comfortable too, they don't rub on the back of your feet like other flats do. They were also only 26$ which is wonderful for two year lasting shoes.
The last things in the picture are some nail polish, a nice red fall color by O.P.I and a sweater, and some other stuff like a random backpack! I actually started this post like before my school started... September, so that's why that backpack is there, it's still cute though. Oh and theres some bangles too that looked fallish. Well I hope you all have a good one, and don't forget to check out my facebook, find the link on the right sidebar.
Xoxo Shenae

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sorry about the giant post :)

Just wanted to apologize for the extremely large post that couldn't even fit on my blog today :) I went to click "view blog" after I wrote the post and was like... "oh crap, they can't read the best part" it just said that I really liked the sparkly boots and that I'm getting a peacoat friday and that I want you to check out my facebook page for Shenae Nicole, and that I want you to vote my poll :)
thats alot of ands and I know that this has bad punctuation but I'm tired, it's 9:51 pm and I have school tomorrow. Don't judge, I'm a goody goody :) G'night readers

Get your hands on these items NOW!

  • The picture above shows what you need to get NOW. Honestly these are just my opinion but I hope that this guide helps you whether it be to purchase a gift for someone, learn about the deals going on, or just realize that you really need a Pea coat because it's been getting cold where you live :).  Lets go backwards this time since lately with the pictures we start from the beginning. I also added some other things because they will either--in my opinion--be going out of style soon, or is limited edition.
  • First we have a peppermint mocha from Starbucks. I know I mentioned it in my last blog post, but I can't tell you how wonderful this is! I really like that they decorate it so your not just paying like $4.00 for a mocha, you're paying for a warm peppermint mocha with fresh whipped cream and ... peppermint flavoring shavings? I think that's what it is. Either way, they decorate to perfection, and it tastes super yummy. (Just for a side note, I also love the ginger one, but I don't know what that's called, probably just a ginger cappuccino.)
  •  Next up to the plate, or should I say type, is the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette. It's a little bit on the pricier side at $55, but If you love Urban Decay and you've got the money, go for it! I don't know how long this pallette will be out so that's why I included this shadow set.
  • Working our way back we find ourselves looking (staring) at this gorgeous sparkly Alice + Olivia Dress. I don't know what this retails for, but a dress in general for winter formal would be perfect right now. Since winter formal is about a month or two away, buying the dress now while stores are having sales is a big bonus. (Another side note, sparkles, sequins, and glitter, are totally in this fall/winter so bring out the shine!)
  • Yaay! Were making progress, finally at the top. Okay, so here's the dillio, we've all heard of the Crackle nail polish right? Well lets just say that I'm not a big fan. . However If you like crackle nail polish, I suggest buying it now because it's really popular and the price will be jacked up for the holidays. Or it could be a giant sale and you could get a bunch for cheap...hmm. 
  • This one is super exciting because I'm getting one Friday! I'm so excited because I've never had a peacoat before and they are so comfortable and cute. Plus they go with everything, and not just color-wise but  it would look good with a t-shirt just as with a pretty blouse...who says blouse these days. I probably typed that because in spanish class today we learned that a "blouse" is called a "blusa" or "la blusa" lol.
  • Last on the list is my favorite because I've been eyeing them but they are soooooooooo super expensive. Well to me anyway. Purple sequin Uggs are new this year I think. I really really really want them so bad. The color is sooooooooo pretty too. It's a blue and purple mixed but most of all, it's sequined! Maybe if I saved up enough I could get them and do a review. How would you do a review on a shoe though? I'm not sure. Anywho, thanks for reading my post :) 
Please check out my facebook page, the link is on the right. Unfortunately it will take you out of my blog and won't just make another tab, so read all my posts first and then go :) just kidding. Oh and vote my pole I really need feedback. I would also appreciate comments. I was really excited because I had a comment just the other day on my post about "A girls best friend" Thanks to Pandora's Box blog please check out her blog, it's really nice and she talks about the same stuff as me :) Xoxo Shenae!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A girls best friend

                            The following is a guide of everything that a girl should try or have. zlfkjgsdofnkojefrg
The first thing a girl should try is a starbucks coffee. If you don't like coffee then try a smoothie, starbucks is the best place in the whole word for coffee. I get the chocolate and banana viviano but I've also tried their peppermint cappuccino. Next on the list is an Iphone. Ok, so not all of us may have the money for a $500 cell phone but it's really worth it, think of all the things you can do with it. Plus there's an Ipod built into it! I already have an ipod though.  Following that on the list is another thing that I don't actually own, but I so wish! Bright pink pumps. They are so pretty! I'm pretty tall already so I wouldn't need them for height. They would go really well with an LBD which is after the pumps in my picture guide. I think now that times are changing and people are getting more mature and sophisticated, an asymmetrical dress such as the one above is perfect for the aspiring young lady. If you're going out then it might be in favor to have long lush lashes, if that's so, then I suggest Maybelline's One by One Mascara in Blackest Black. It's not waterproof but it make's your eye lashes so long and pretty it's hard to resist. For lips I suggest a pink to match your shoes? Next on the list of things a girl should have is a pink lip gloss. You don't need any other color as long as you have pink. Pink goes with almost anything, so it's basically fail proof! Equally important is dark brown Uggs! They don't have to be dark brown but let me tell you, just a few days ago, I was at Target and they have a new selection of shoes right? Omghhkp, there were some dark brown knock off Uggs there for $32 and I was like, HAVE TO HAVE THEM! I didn't bring enough with me though so I suffered without them, but I'll save up and get them next time. The last two things I do own, that is, a feather hair extension. Mine are blue, white, and orange, don't worry it blends nicely, then some nerd glasses! I absolutely love nerd glasses! In black they are totally chic! Modern nerd? Girly Urcle?
Tell me what you think. Disagree with some of these items? Comment below and share your thoughts :) Xoxoxo Shenae. I know there's a big space after this post but I can't backspace it, it's bugging me, I'm dearly sorry :(

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last Minute costume ideas


Most of us have already bought our Halloween costumes and such, but a few haven't so for this next week I will be posting Last Minute costume ideas for those of us who, lets just say, lose track of time around this season.  Usually we --as girls-- have at least one party dress, prom dress, pageant gown in our closet that we only used once and never to be seen again. Think about it, you spent all that money and now that beautiful sparkly dress that's too outrageous for work, too distracting for school, and too fancy to wear casually is just sitting there looking pretty. That's why Halloween was invented, to wear the most outrageous things that you would never wear normally and look somewhat NOT crazy. Plus you could look mysterious with a mask on. This is what I'm going as this year. I'm making my own mask with supplies from a local hobby lobby store. I'm very excited because the whole thing cost me only 12 measly dollars! My dress is from DEB and it's teal with a leopard bubble bottom. My mask is black with teal glitter and black feathers and sequins. I'll curl my hair and do a smoky night look with my makeup. Just in case I want to take the mask off. 
Xoxo good luck, Shenae
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blog Awards My choice!

Hey, today I am going to give out some blogger awards because I believe that some people deserve them. Also I love making some else's day feel just that much better when they hear they've been chosen to have a award.
These are the awards you'll be getting tonight.

I give these awards to,

"Cappuccino and Fashion"
"Beauty Barbie 16"
"Bubble Dreams"
"Pandora's Box"
"Pink Clouds"

Thanks for reading!
Xoxo Shenae

My Short September Favorites!

Hi lovelies!
Long time no blog right? Yes, let me fill you in on some things, over the past week or so my birthday came along, on Sep. 21st :) Awesome. Then, a little while later, Fall started, that's the best part, because fall is my favorite season of all. During Summer, I get hot and I can't sleep, during Winter I think I'm hot but then I get cold and have to wake up to pull the covers over me at 3 am, not fun. During Spring season I have pollen allergy, but it's not as bad in fall as it is for spring. Anywho, fall started Sep. 23 so after that, I went shopping and got a whole bunch of new stuff! Haul time, okay, maybe later, but I might have to do two or three blog posts to fill in all the new stuff. However I will share my favorite with you today. That something is my new boots from payless! I don't know if I told you before but I got riding boots, yay! They look funny at first but they are so super comfy and so in for fall right now! They're dark brown and I shall insert a picture of them righhhht NOW!

                                                                 Oh my goodness do I love these boots. I have very large feet, size 12 in womens so it's hard finding boots or shoes or anything for my feet these days :) These were in my size at payless for $44.00 on sale, and to me, that's pretty good if you're buying leather boots. Actually they might be pleather...not quite sure.
               My next favorite is...

Got 2b crazysleek. It's the most amazing flat iron heat protectant. It's also a blow dry lotion but I already use a different got 2b blow dry lotion so I only use it for straightening.
            3rd favorite is
Actually it's not the Wave sonic that I like it's the pads. The Wave Sonic pads that come with it are extremely great for getting rid of acne, the only thing is, is that you have to use the pads for about three days in a row for your body to get used to them and start clearing. I have oily/ combo skin with acne that is either small and in a cluster in between my eyebrows and nose or else it's just one red lonely zit.
              4th  fave would have to be

Last favorite this month is...

I hope you all have a good one, 
Xoxo Shenae...