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Prom 2012! Glitter, Sparkle, Tulle!

Prom 2012! Glitter, Sparkle, Tulle!

Prom 2012! Glitter, Sparkle, Tulle! by nerdglasses22 featuring party dresses

With prom coming right around the corner, and sparkle being the biggest hit of fall/winter 2011 we all know that it's going to be the star of 2012 prom too! A few of the biggest problems for prom is getting everything at a good price, finding a hot date, and looking gorgeous. But there's always a point of Promzilla where you definitely do NOT want to stress about your price, guy, and beautifulness.  Here is a list of good dress stores for prom dresses or just formal dance dresses , , , , , , , and there are plenty more sites but these are the most popular. That gets one thing out of the way. But also just remember, if you see a dress that you really like and you have enough money for it but you think, aww I wanted to save up for...blah blah blah...just think to yourself, I only get prom TWO times my entire life, there's no going back to the past. It's alright to splurge on a prom dress because this is going to be a huge night to remember.
Next topic is a hot date. If you have a boyfriend then you should totally go with him, if you have a crush, don't be afraid to ask him, the worst he could say is no. Which would totally suck, trust me I have been rejected before and it hurts but if you just move on and go with friends it will be so much better than sitting at home crying and wasting the money you spent on your expensive prom dress. Going with friends is a no fail also, that way you don't have to be nervous about coordinating colors, finding a resturaunt he likes, and just being ancy and nervous in general. With friends, fun comes naturally and if it doesn't, then maybe they're not good friends haha.
Next topic which is my favorite is the hair and makeup. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT! go get your hair and makeup done if you are on a budget, save your money for a dress. I'm sure you have a curling iron at home, just watch some youtube videos like macbarbie07 juicystar07 allthatglitters21 missglamorazzi and there are so many more, actually i also have a youtube channel it is iloveprettyhair and I have a few video's up so far. I'd love it if you'd check it out but. back to subject. Getting your makeup done professionally is extremely expensive it can cost from 30$ to 100$ some dresses don't even cost that much! Plus if you do your own makeup, it resembles what your style is, unlike some random person that might not even know you and has no idea you like....rock and roll so they give you pink eye shaddow or they may not know that your dress is green so they make your eyeshaddow purple! That would be embarrassing which actually it would look cute but anyways, its all about being you and staying true to yourself when it comes to the hair and makeup process. Most likely if a guy asked you to prom, it's because he thinks your pretty, so he probably likes the way you do your makeup when your most around him. Do you get what I'm saying, like if you wear black eyeliner, mascara and pink lips to school every day and then a guy asked you out, maybe its that makeup that looks pretty on you, your everyday makeup. So get out there, and have a BLAST!
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