Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Obsessions!

Hey guys! Long time no blog :( This post might seem like a "Favorites" post but it's sort of different but I really wanted to tell you about one thing, but then I thought of  million so here goes.
1.) My first obsession is with Delia's aka dELiAs I think that's how the spell it on the site. It's a clothing/accessory/room decor/shoe store. Your basic girl heaven. I was on there because, I'm not gonna lie, I have huge feet. Size 12 but I can wear size 11 so I was looking for cute shoes! OMG they have sizes 5-11 with the extended 11-12 size! The only prob is that there's limited selection for big foot's. However I'm completely fine with cramming my gondola's into some super cute and worth it shoes. Plus the price is astounding!
2.) My second obsession ties in with my first obsession. I've really wanted some toms for some time now. If you don't know what Toms are they are cute flats that are made of fabric and are really cute. With every pair you buy, a pair goes to a child in need which I would totally love to help, but at $54 (us currency) I don't think that its worth it. I mean of course helping kids get shoes is worth it but the shoes its self is kinda a waste. But if your not into $54 dollars a pair like I'm not. Then check out these
They're called espadrille flats and they come in some really cute colors and designs. There were two brands of the espadrilles on Delia' there was the ones I showed you with the patterns and there were some that were glittery or they had just pink or yellow or plain colors. So many to choose from, here's the link to the other brand on Delia's
These are super cute too. I'm thinking about saving up money and buying two pairs (Yellow or pink and maybe the Aztec print ones?) not sure yet though. You can buy two pairs of these for the same price or less of the actual TOMS which I feel bad about saying they're expensive because its helping people but come on! You see my point though. Most people don't even care about the "shoes for kids" thing and just get them anyways, I bet they wished they had seen these on
3.) My next obsessions are Value Sets at Ulta and Sephora. I've been hearing about gift sets from Allthatglitters21 and her Holiday Gift Guide video and I decided I should check them out. I looked at sephora and saw that they have some Benefit Value Sets for $26 that includes

  • Girl Meets Pearl
  • High Beam
  • Pose-tint
  • Erase Paste

Usually just the erase paste is $26 dollars but here's a whole bunch of items for way less that what you'd originally pay! They also have a fragrance mini set there too, for $50 dollars you get 12 mini fragrances to try and then when you've picked your favorite you take a certificate from the box and receive one full size perfume! And you get to keep the minis!

4.) My fourth obsession is definitely the Cookie Dough Luna Bar. It's 12 grams of protein and they're super yummy.

5.) T-shirt Tuesday! T shirt Tuesday is a T-shirt on Tuesday! I'm the kind of girl who likes to always dress up, and so even though I own a crap ton of T-shirts, I never really put good use to them so they got old and dusty, jk. So I decided I would follow what Missglamorazzi on YouTube does and start a tradition of wearing a t-shirt every Tuesday from now on. That way I don't feel like I paid all that money on --yes, we all knew the trend--Branded T-shirts and never get a good wear for the buy. I also do Sweatshirt Thursday where I obviously wear a sweatshirt on Thursday but I don't own very many sweatshirts. Like the actual Graphic Sweatshirt that says something like Aero on it or has a cute saying and I can't find them online, it's kinda sad actually. Either way, my mission is for someone to help me find one so I can buy some more and wear them on Thursday.
6.) Curled hair. but the trick is to pin it up to your head with a bobby pin after normal curling. It not only makes it bouncier but gives it more volume and makes it a prettier spiral. You can watch a Macbarbie07 video on YouTube and I'm pretty sure she does it nicely.
Those were my obsessions lately. Have a merry Christmas if I don't talk soon which I will because I'm working on a Holiday Gift post. Shhhshhhhh. ;) xoxo shenae.

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