Thursday, September 22, 2011


     Hello, I haven't been on for a while, but I figured even though I still haven't gotten the 8th like on facebook, I might as well post something... this post is going to be about what to bring to the gym or to your sport or gym in school. These are just general things so don't get angry if, kneepads for volleyball or shin guards for soccer aren't there. 

Sports by nerdglasses22 featuring sports bras

Let's start the picture off from the top. Obviously you will need a bag to keep all your items in. Next you will need a water bottle, a water bottle is especially important because if you're going to be working out, you'll need a source of hydration. I like the ones shown from Victoria's Secret Pink Collection. On the second row featured is hair ties. I don't know how many times I've gone to volleyball practice, or gym class and needed a ponytail. You will also need bobby pins if you have bangs because the bangs are too short to fit into your hair tie. This can also be solved by wearing a headband. I prefer Goody, No Slip Grip Headbands.  The next thing on the list is plainly and hopefully obvious, a T shirt. I don't know about you, but if I showed up to the gym wearing a ruffled chiffon shirt and a black pencil skirt and started lifting weights, I would be hysterically laughed at. Next on the list are Yoga Pants, again from the Victoria's Secret Pink Collection. Their clothing and items are always so feminine and cute, so colorful and printed. Sometimes though, their stuff get's expensive, like $50.00 for a pair of yoga pants! Way to much for me. You can get super cute yoga pants at Deb stores for $17.00 I have a pair and they are so comfy and pretty. Next you definitely will need shampoo and conditioner to wash those dirty, limp, sweat loaded locks. One of my personal favorites are the Aussie Moist Shampoo and Conditioner. On the right of the hair products, are a pair of Nike shorts. I believe that they have two layers, one on the inside to help if you bend over (you know what I mean) and the other layer to look pretty on the outside! On the following row there's another Nike T shirt, a Nike Sports Bra, and a makeup bag. A makeup bag is important to keep in your gym bag because after taking a shower following your workout, you're going to want to touch up your makeup. This can be done by carrying few items such as eyeliner, mascara, concealer, and lip gloss. The last two items are A pair of Nike shoes and some random Body wash that I really want to get by clean and clear I think. I hope you all have a wonderful day. And yesterday was my birthday! September 21st it was really fun and I got some good stuff so in a little while I'm going to walmart and later will do a haul for you on what I's gonna be good so stick around! Don't forget to vote on my poll girlies!
Xoxo Shenae.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hair Ideas, finally!

    Hi guys, well, I didn't get 8 likes to my Facebook page so I didn't do the super cool picture blog. But that's ok because I am really excited to do some hair blogs now. For this particular post I will show three medium/short hairstyles and three long/super long hairstyles. This post will mainly be pictures and not much words. I hope that's not a problem.
Selena Gomez
Katy Perry
Vanessa Hudgens
Now that we've covered the short and medium hair, lets move on to the long and pretty long hair!
Blair Fowler
(juicystar07) YouTube
Emma Stone
These are all my favorite hairstyle girls. I hope you all enjoyed it. It's just a little post that took 20 minutes. I have volleyball practice now so I hope you absolutely like my facebook page so when I get home I can post the super awesome picture blog. Thanks
Xoxo Shenae

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall Calf Boots 2011

             Hello everyone! I live in a state that's a big seasonal changer. Meaning we have hot summers, medium falls, cold winters, and medium springs. So with fall getting a little bit chillier than usual, I need to do some boot shopping. I recently have searched you tube for some good boot guides and new trends. I also searched, and many more online magazines. My favorite boot trend this fall is, Riding Boots. Here's a little picture of what riding boots I love.
The boots shown are from Target. I believe they are $34.99 I'm not sure how much that is in other countries but in the US that's pretty cheap for a nice looking boot such as this one. Most boots are $60.00 The only think I don't like about these boots, is that they only go up to size 11 and I wear a size 12 in womens. Yes that's size 43 in europe! I have huge feet. It's hard for me to find shoes sometimes so I usually end up going to payless where I know they have boots for my size, but they don't always have a good selection. The only other place I know to go to would be where their sizes go all the way up to 14! The only problem there is that their boots range in price from $40.00 to $2000.00 Yes crazy right? Now you see my conundrum very difficult to find cheap, yet cute, yet my size shoes :) Here are some options for normal sized feet.
$34.99 Target
$39.99 Target
$49.99 Target
All styles shown here are, riding boots. I absolutely love them. They obviously have an equestrian feel, but are also comfortable and pulled together. They are a definite classic and if you look hard they're cheaper than stiletto pumps. I literally think you could wear these anywhere. School, maybe work (depends), college, shopping, running errands, out with friends, to the football games,...etc on and on and on and on. Anyone can pull these off. For a girly look, pair them with a floral dress, matching cardigan, dangly earrings and a long necklace. For an edgy look, try extreme distressed black jeans (depending on the color of the boot) and a rocker top. For boho, wear it with a maxi dress and pretty top, try feather earrings too for the loose feel. My favorite, Classic, could be pulled together with a preppy button down, blazer, skinny jeans, and pearls. I would love it if you posted a picture of your riding boots for me to see. I love it when you guys comment but I haven't gotten many lately. Thanks for voting on my poll! I'll be writing another post right after this one on something surprising. But I'll only post it when I get another like on my facebook page. I already have 7 likes, once I get 8 I'll post it. By the way, if you haven't noticed already, I just got a polyvore and it is so super fun. I'd love it if you linked me your polyvore. So anywho come check out my facebook page here! Like me, write on my wall, who cares read all my statuses and have fun! I also have a twitter but you don't have to follow me, the links are on the sidebar though if you do! Hearts to all of you! Byee.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

What to wear and bring on Friday night Football

If you don't know already, I still go to grade school. Actually, I'm still in middle school. I bet that surprised you didn't it? Oh well, the point of this post is to help girls that are suckers for those chilly night football games. Maybe you're there for your boyfriend, or maybe just to hang out with your girlfriends and eat cheap concession food :) haha. Here are the essentials...
Sorry I couldn't actually post a picture, but I gave you the link to my polyvore! First you will need your boyfriend's second Jersey. Most football players get two jerseys because some rivals school colors may be similar. Make sure it's okay with the coach. If you don't have a boyfriend, then a good essential would be, a school color sweatshirt or hoodie. For bottoms, I suggest skinny jeans in any wash or design, they will keep you warm but also look stylish. The shoes are my favorite but for some, may be questionable. UGGS! I find that short uggs look the cutest and most comfortable with the football look. I chose grey because grey goes with anything and doesn't wash anyone out. If you don't like Uggs, I would try moccasins or sneakers. I found that small cross body bags work really, really well with holding the essentials for a bag which I will show at the end. Of course you can't forget a cute school color bow with polka dots! Polka dots go with any school mascot, they also add a girly touch to any outfit but they look more mature then curled ribbons that cheerleaders wear :). MAKEUP! I think this is really important to add because so many girls overdo it when it comes to Football Friday. Some girls think that Foundation, Concealer, Blush, Bronzer, Eye shadow, Highlighter, Lipstick, Lip gloss, Lip balm, etc... is needed to get the guys attention, but really, they're not paying attention to you because they're trying to win the game! All you seriously need is mascara, eyeliner, concealer, blush, lip gloss, and the option of eye shadow.  For jewelry I would highly recommend going medium because you don't want to look boring but you don't want to look like Claire's Jewelry store blew up all over you. Just a Necklace or two, a pair of earrings, and a ring, then you're good to go! I don't like wearing bracelets to football games because they tend to slide off of my wrist from nonstop cheering and fist pumping. Not jersey fist pumping though :) I added the picture of Audrina Partridge because her hair is the perfect rendition of what your's would look good with. Here's a little story for ya'll yesterday I went to my school's varsity football game and curled my hair. All of it. It got up to 86 Degrees that day. My hair frizzed and stuck to my neck all night. It was gross. I definitely will be wearing a ponytail next time. Audrina's ponytail is classic yet shows a more done up, girly touch with the curl. Totally appropriate for the game. Well here's the essential items for a cross body bag at the game!
As you can see in the picture the Key things you need in your bag is P-Milk. I learned that from Seventeen Magazine. P-Milk stands for P-Phone, M-money, I-Student ID, L-lip gloss, K-keys. If you can remember that, then you're golden :) I hope you enjoyed this  post, it only took an hour or so, so I just didn't put a hint. If you haven't read my last post and voted, then I suggest you do that because it's super duper fun! If you know how to post the polyvore picture on my post please tell me how to do it because I can't figure out how! Thanks, Xoxo Shenae :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Best Looks of the 2011 VMA awards on MTV! :)

Ello, mates,
:) hehe. Today I'm going to put out the best video music award's looks of 2011! I'm really excited because almost everyone there looked stunning, but it was the following people and their pictures that really stood out to me. I'll be saving my favorite for last but let's start with the least of the best and work our way up. First I'm going to start with Miley Cyrus...
Miley Cyrus at the VMA's

As you can see it's a gorgeous floor length gown that has a strange animal, floral pattern. Her hair is out of her face and in a pretty bun. As for makeup it looks like a minor smokey eye, black liner, and nude pink lips. Next we will move onto...Guess who!
It's Barbie!
This is the best pic I could find of Barbie
Yes, Nicki Minaj came to the MTV video music awards looking like a tokyo toystore blew up all over her...for real. I love the Barbz but come on really? Onto our almost last but not quite look of the VMA we have...
Demi Lovato! I really hope she's doing alright after rehab and a totally bad year so far. She seems good with her gorgeous dress, perfect curls, and sparkling makeup. She's even got a way hot date to match!
Demi and Joe!
Now here's my very favorite look of the night. I don't talk about her much, but I think she is a gorgeous woman. And I am so happy for what's going on in the picture below. 
Beyonce! Did you hear she's pregnant?! I'm so happy for her and Jay-z! I love the one shoulder dress. Also her hair looks fashionable but not too crazy for a (now) mother :) I wish all the people that read my blog post today the best and I hope you come back and read my next posts. But what would really make my day, is if you commented or followed or checked out my facebook and twitter. I would die of happiness if you did all four :). Don't forget to leave blog suggestions such as requests like makeup tutorials, hauls, and much more. I love blogging for all of you and I hope you like the posts. See you later!
Ps. I have a new poll up. It asks, "Which VMA look was your favorite?" please vote, I love you all lol just kidding. Xoxo Shenae!