Saturday, May 12, 2012

Inspire me!

I'm back! And here are some pictures that should brighten up your day :) Enjoy!

Xoxo Shenae! :) <3

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mascara! Which is best, Falsies? Colossal? One by one?

Hello lovelies,
I've been trying out lots of different mascara's for the past few months now, and realized that I've tried the Maybelline Falsies Mascara (not the flared one) but it does have a spoon wand, I also tried the Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara, and the Maybelline One by One Mascara. All were purchased with my own money and all three were NOT waterproof. With that being said, I'll go in order from favorite to least favorite.

Falsies Mascara
My favorite out of the three is the Falsies and this is why. The Falsies Mascara has a spoon brush which, in my opinion, gets the length going and it's quite long, which, for me, is perfect for my long big eyes. The color is completely black (depending on which one you get) I'm pretty sure there's a brown, a black and a very black. I had very black. It's not waterproof and comes of really easily. I didn't notice significant flaking. Overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Colossal Volume
My second favorite is the Maybelline Colossal Volume. It's my second favorite because I don't really like the brush. as you can see the brush is kind of triangular shaped with it being fatter near the handle and skinnier near the tip.  When the brush is like this, it's really easy to accidentally get mascara on your face or in your eyeball. OUCH! No body wants that. It does coat all the lashes, even though it gets a little clumpy but it does get the very black and holds a curl pretty well. I would probably tie this one with the Falsies Mascara... 4 out of 5 stars

One By One Mascara

This is the Maybelline One by One mascara and this is my least favorite because it doesn't really do anything extraordinary unlike the other mascara's listed above.  That's really the only thing wrong with it. In all honesty I think the three mascara's are tied with a 4 out of 5 but if I seriously had to choose which mascara was my absolute favorite then it would be the Falsies because (see above)...

I hope you enjoyed this post and try out one of these mascaras sometime in the future!
Xoxo Shenae!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

REVIEW: Wet n Wild Fast Dry in Gray's Anatomy

I recently bought a Wet n Wild nail polish in Gray's Anatomy and its really cool when you look at the bottle. It's gray with pink, purple, green, yellow, blue and other pretty undertones and reflects. It's like oil on the ground with the sun hitting it. That kind of rainbow effect. Here's a picture from google.

See what I mean? It's really fun to look at. I was really excited to try it out because of this,  but when I put it on my nail I couldn't see anything! It was really faint. I painted on a base coat of a pretty pink and that solved the problem. After a few coats of pink and a few coats of this polish it looks really cool. It's just very sheer. I don't think I would recommend this product to someone who doesn't have it though because I'm sure there are other alternatives that do the same thing with out being too faint.  I like it though and out of 5 stars, I would give it a 3. Thanks for reading this short review :)
xoxo shenae

Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Favorites

I know I'll forget so I'm just going to do my favorites right now! I'm kind of not in a blogging mood so I don't want to type much but...whatever...I complain too much...whatever.
This is an OKAY product, its not by any means, perfect, but it smells amazing.

I have this perfume, well its a shimmer mist, but it smells amazing...I just said that about the last item but for real, these products are delicious...jk
Not only is Carrie Underwood a favorite, but Ponytails are a favorite too! I've been really lazy lately and just throw my hair up and go! The messier and voluminous the better!

Taylor swift nuff said.
Two favorite songs of the month...
Kiss Kiss, Chris brown
Turn up the music, Chris brown
Chris brown is my obsession. I hope he and Rihanna get back together.

Style Fail and weekly Hairstyle Feb. 2012

You know the drill, so here's the fail,
Lovin the dress, hatin on the hair...or...whatever that is...

The weekly hairstyle...
I know, I know, you're getting mad because I won't stop blogging about his, but I love dip dye ends! I'm too scared to try's another weekly hairstyle though just in case you're like me and are too scared...
Fishtail braid, with lots of volume of course...







CHRIS BROWN!!!! I know right...Love him. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspire: Tribal

I was on and saw this picture:

And as most of you know, I really love tribal print and bohemian things so this caught my eye. I absolutely love the color green, like a Jade color, but the pattern is so random its awesome. I really like this persons hair too. A simple braid looks fascinating with this sweater top.
Oh and I also saw these nails that are amazing and I am going to try to attempt them but, I'm sure I won't be successful :/ :
Woaahhhh so bright but I love them. If it turns out well, then I'll post a picture however I'm certain that this will be an absolute failure.
Thanks for reading this short and pointless post :)
xoxo Shenae!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Single Valentines Day :(

Single again? I know how you feel, you just want to curl up on the couch and cry. Or you maybe want to eat 10 pounds of chocolate, read Nicholas Sparks books, and have sad love songs playing as background, thats just me? Just kidding, actually this year I'm not single --yeah!-- But I can totally help you find things to do that don't remind you of your ex, crush, or just having nobody to love.
1st things first, if you do like someone, go for it, most usually there are dances or party's that go on during valentines day. Ask the guy you like to dance with you, the worst he could possibly say is no! If he does, then he doesn't even KNOW what he's missing :) Just move onto another guy. And if you're a girl, and most likely you are, if you are reading this, then you definitely know that we can get over a guy, the same amount of time it takes you to blink.
2nd If you just broke up with your boyfriend, that is a very tough thing to get over. The way to calculate how much time it should take to get over him is to take the length of time you were together and divide that by two. So for example, if you and your ex were together for 2 years, then you can give yourself 1 year of mourning time. After that, you need to get-a-move-on.
If you're spending Valentines day single, not because your crush rejected you or because you just broke up with you guy, then these are some fun things you can do:
1. Hang out with your friends and have a girls night! Watch movies, go out to dinner, go get pedicures, do your own pedicures and manicures.
2. Go shopping! Find out the latest trends for spring and summer and load it up! I've noticed that when we goe shopping, we get a natural high that lasts for about 5-24 hours.
3. Have an icecream party where you buy vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, get a bunch of toppings, and decorate. You could also make it into a contest!
4. Do a scavenger hunt at the mall with your friends. Write a list of 10 things that he/she needs to find and buy and whoever comes back with all the things first wins...whatever you choose.
5. Go to the mall and take pictures of yourself and your friends with funny sunglasses, hold up funny Tshirts, try on cute dresses, or go to an airbrush shop near you and make a T shirt with you and your bff's name on it! Instead of  "Valentine's" day, make it "Friendship Day".

1. Don't go OUT  to see a movie because there are going to be tons of couples there and it's just going to remind you of bad, sad things.
2. Ice skating, even though it seems like a ton of fun for you and friends, there will also be tons of couples again, ice skating, because its a very romantic thing to do.
3. Don't sit at home crying in bed, facebook stalking your crush/and or ex. Just don't.
4. Don't call your ex and make things worse.
5. Try not to do anything that you will definitely regret in the future.
Have a Happy and fun Valentines day! Xoxo Shenae!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celeb of the Week, #1 Leighton!

Blair from Gossip girl! However even though we love love love blair's classic elegant style on the show, we love Leighton's awesome style in real life even more! Lets start with Hairstyles!
Cute curls
A sweet high messy bun.
Soft waves :) Now lets move onto makeup, with leighton, its either very natural, very edgy, or very classic. She has a nice variation.
A classic red lip with long lush lashes, black liner, grey shimmer eye shadow and bronzer or golden blush.
Dark shadow, nude lips, and bronzer.
Neutral brown eye shadow, black liner cat eye, light everyday lip, bronzer.
Now lets go to fashion!
Sparkly black tunic, silver jewelry, cute headband...WIN!
Go green! I absolutely love this combination of gold and green on leighton with the color of her hair and the right makeup look. It was a close call though because you don't want to look like a lucky charms leprichahn or however you spell it. You get the jist though.
Lace gown with a leg slit, gorgeous. And perfect for Valentines day. I'm sure theres a short version with 3/4 sleeves at wet seal for a really good price, go check it out!
Xoxo Shenae, Happy valentines day!

Valentines Celeb of the week!

From now until valentines day, February 14th I'll be posting my favorite celeb for vday and facts about them, hairstyles, makeup, fashion, all that good stuff. I know what you're thinking,
"Well Shenae, there's only two weeks until Vday!"
and I'd say
"I know" hahahahaha. I am definitely not good with series posts :)
I'm going to Start a new post though so, this was just an intro so I hope you don't mind :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hot trends for Spring 2012!

The items below are what I think will be the hottest trends for Spring 2012. The fact is, no one really knows what the trendiest items are because it kind of happens and goes with the flow, so really the only way you can predict it is to
1. Think about the trends of last year
2. Think about trends that have been going on for evveerr!
3. Things that make sense 
4. Things you wear that you think will make a huge comback or keep going. So! With that being said lets get namingHot trends for Spring 2012!

  • Colored denim. It made a huge hit in 2011 and is still going to go strong wit

  • Colored Denim. It made a huge mark in 2011 and now it's time for 2012's time to shine. They're going to look especially good as pastels in the sping. I can just feel it :) haha. However I don't own a pair of colored denim but I think if I see some aqua or lavender ones I'll probably pick them up! They're really easy to style also, just throw on a graphic tee, some colored denim, and some uggs or boots or flats or whatever you want and call it good. They can also be dressy. Just wear them with the right tank or shirt or jacket and it adds instant niceness.
  • Dip dye hair. I believe in September or October, Heather Morris--from glee--was see on Seventeen Magazine's cover with colored ends hair. She had all the colors of the rainbow going however it looks beautiful even with just one color or two or three..etc;. etc....I really want to try this but It's a little to edgy for me. (This just in! Selena Gomez was spotted with purple and blue dip dye!!!)
  • Floral clothing. I myself really love floral print but for some odd reason, it became really popular throughout the entire 2011 year with everything from shorts, skirts, tops, leggings, bags, even pants! PANTS! I really like the skirt in the picture, I don't know where it's from though. You can find a skirt like it from basically anystore that sells clothing and is modern, heck I bet you could find one in a vintage or thrift store!
  • THE NAKED PALETTE! From rant to rant to rave to rave and back again, we've all heard of the Naked palette, even people who don't wear makeup have heard of the Naked Palette. The reason the Urban Decay Naked Palette has been so hyped about is because neutral/ natural colors have been really in, the whole bright blue eye shadow isn't cutting it anymore grandma! The hippie boho chic look has though. With its prices high, and cares low people bought and bought and bought the N palette to a point where the Urban Decay creators had to make a 2nd Palette! Named obviously, The Naked Palette 2 with more matte colors rather than shimmer and a whopping fresh new 5 shades for the likes of my fellow beauty lovers.
  • Cat eye sunglasses. Wayfarer shades are so 2011. I actually got so sick of seeing people with the nerd glasses, that I hunted for a cute new style that wasn't freaky. The cat eye shaped lens is, in my opinion, fresher and will be most likely the new best thing. I'm only kidding, I love wayfarers but come on, aren't you a little sick of seeing them everywhere. Try a new shape. Cat eye sunglasses or just glasses are super retro but are quirky and modern if work correctly. 
  • High waisted shorts. Love the pair I'm showing you up there. They're grey with a huge bow. The bow adds a girly touch to the interesting look of the shorts. You've got to be careful and wear it with the right top though.
  • Crossbody bags. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns all to fit your need. They're really stylish and can be worn basically anywhere. It's again, a tad bit associated with the hippie look and was very popular in 2011 but I think that they will be just as wonderful in the year 2012 (ps. they're really convenient to college or school students that go to sports games or to the mall or activities because its small enough to not get in the way, but big enough to carry keys, cell phone, money, ID, Lip gloss and even a snack.
  • Leopard print anything. It speaks for itself people
  • Revlon Lip butters. Again, rant rant rant, rave rave rave the lip butters a GIANT GIANT GIANT  for 2012. I actually picked up Strawberry Shortcake from Target (its one of their colors) and it doesn't really have a taste but its really soft and melty and does a great job with color and hydration for the lips. Most of the colors are pretty neutral so they're extra wearable but the bad thing is, I know it doesn't sound expensive but at $6.00 to $9.00 they're kinda pricey each just for ONE lip butter. On the bright side, they're really nice so they're pretty much worth it. And they're popular so who gives a crap.
Thats all for this post but I hope you enjoyed and try out some trends for the Spring season!
xoxo Shenae!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Which dress?

Hey everyone! I have a quick question about the dress I want to wear to my formal dance. There's two choices that I love but I can't decide. I'll tell the pro's and cons and it'd be so helpful if you could vote. I will have the poll up but you can comment if you want :)
Choice #1 which I think I like better but Idk.
This dress has two tone sequins of copperish silver and black on the top portion of the dress. The bottom is a pleated black form that hits about mid thigh or lower. There's a beltish looking thing that separates the sequins and pleats. It's strapless.
Pro's for me: Its stylish, Its a good length, Its really versatile, its sequined, has a built-in-bra. Its $30
Con's for me: I heard the sequins poke and itch, its strapless, it's more than the second dress which doesn't really matter because its gonna be really cheap either way.

Choice #2

I tried to find this so I'd show up but I'll just have to post the link, but this dress is at Jc penney also and its only $20 dollars!!!! Its so cute it has a white top with ruffles and a studded and beaded belt thing with a plain black bottom part. It hits about the same length and it's also strapless.
Pro's for me: Its really cute with the black and white contrast, the ruffles are a pretty girly touch, it hits mid thigh, it's cheaper, It's probably more comfortable, built in bra.
Cons for me: A review said that when they got it the beads were already falling off, so basically its probably not as well put together, it's strapless, Its not as trendy without sparkles.

So please please please help me figure out which one to buy because I'm stuck! If you don't have an account or don't want to comment, I will have a poll to vote on. However leaving a comment is perfectly fine. You can leave any opinion or if you have either dress I'd be happy to know any tips or something not listed above :) Thanks
xoxo Shenae!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valentines day hairstyles

Valentines day is coming up soon and cute hairstyles are a must. Get these celeb inspired do's!

Always check out Taylor Swift because she is theeeee girliest celebrity out there. She might have a lot of red carpet buns and updo's but they're always a little different. Especially this time because she lightened her hair! Love it. Next there's Beyonce! I don't know when this pic was taken but she in my opinion looks her best in this picture. I love this color on her and I love how the style is not completely straight but not a poufy afro :). Lastly is Katy Perry, and colored tips are in huge trend right now and I don't think they'll be here much longer so do it for valentines day with maybe pink and purple or just pink or just purple. :) I think I want to do dip dye but, not too sure.
Thats all , well I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful Valentines day!
xoxo shenae
ps. I deleted my youtube videos because I just can't do video's and blog on tumblr and my main blog (this one) so...terribly sorry but I love blogging much much better :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I just thought I'd let you know that for some reason, I'm already feeling spring fever. And....also the urge to change my background. I keep changing it alot, I hope it's not bothering anyone. I think I've found the one I'll stick with at least until May or June :) Have a happy winter/spring :)
xoxo Shenae
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

20 Beauty Tips on New Years!

Hello my lovely wonderfuls! Today I'll be giving you 20 TWENTY TIPS to help you look and feel your best for the 2012 Year!
1.) Wear sunscreen everyday under or with foundation to help stall aging.
2.) If you have oily skin, use a water-based skin moisturizer.
3.) Make your lip lines disappear by applying your lipstick vertically instead of horizontally.
4.) For a more dramatic look, apply a coat of volumizing mascara, and then follow up with a coat of lengthening mascara on the tips.
5.) Apply your skin moisturizer after a bath or shower so that you can lock the moisture into your skin.
6.) When penciling your eyebrows, begin at the inner corners and work outwards toward your temples.
7.) If you have thick lips, don't wear any lip color that is too glossy or shiny. Doing so will make your lips appear even thicker.
8.) Massaging your scalp can improve circulation to your head and promote hair growth.
9.) If you pluck your eyebrows, do so before your bedtime. This way, any redness or swelling can have a chance to go away overnight.
10.) Sweet potatoes are full of vitamin A, which is known for being an anti-wrinkling agent.
11.) Plucking your eyebrows in the direction of the hair growth will be less painful and will leave a more natural look when you are done.
12.) If you have green or hazel eyes, use brown, apricot, purple, plum, deep khaki or forest green eye shadow.
13.) Strong soaps can remove good oils from your skin. Therefore, avoid strong soaps; instead, choose mild cleansers.
14.) Eyeliner and full eyelashes can help make your eyes look bigger and more appealing.
15.) When possible, give your hair a rest. Go natural and leave off the styling products.
16.) Acrylics and other false nails usually carry more germs that natural nails.
17.) ALWAYS remove makeup before going to bed, mo matter how tired you might feel. Keep your skin clean overnight.
18.) Less is more, nuff said.
19.) Citrus fruits hold your skin cells together by forming collagen. This is why it's important to eat citrus fruits regularly.
20!) Heat up your eyelash curler with your blow drier for about 10 seconds. This will not only curl the lash easier, but will, keep it curled for a longer amount of time.