Sunday, January 15, 2012

Which dress?

Hey everyone! I have a quick question about the dress I want to wear to my formal dance. There's two choices that I love but I can't decide. I'll tell the pro's and cons and it'd be so helpful if you could vote. I will have the poll up but you can comment if you want :)
Choice #1 which I think I like better but Idk.
This dress has two tone sequins of copperish silver and black on the top portion of the dress. The bottom is a pleated black form that hits about mid thigh or lower. There's a beltish looking thing that separates the sequins and pleats. It's strapless.
Pro's for me: Its stylish, Its a good length, Its really versatile, its sequined, has a built-in-bra. Its $30
Con's for me: I heard the sequins poke and itch, its strapless, it's more than the second dress which doesn't really matter because its gonna be really cheap either way.

Choice #2

I tried to find this so I'd show up but I'll just have to post the link, but this dress is at Jc penney also and its only $20 dollars!!!! Its so cute it has a white top with ruffles and a studded and beaded belt thing with a plain black bottom part. It hits about the same length and it's also strapless.
Pro's for me: Its really cute with the black and white contrast, the ruffles are a pretty girly touch, it hits mid thigh, it's cheaper, It's probably more comfortable, built in bra.
Cons for me: A review said that when they got it the beads were already falling off, so basically its probably not as well put together, it's strapless, Its not as trendy without sparkles.

So please please please help me figure out which one to buy because I'm stuck! If you don't have an account or don't want to comment, I will have a poll to vote on. However leaving a comment is perfectly fine. You can leave any opinion or if you have either dress I'd be happy to know any tips or something not listed above :) Thanks
xoxo Shenae!

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