Thursday, January 12, 2012

Valentines day hairstyles

Valentines day is coming up soon and cute hairstyles are a must. Get these celeb inspired do's!

Always check out Taylor Swift because she is theeeee girliest celebrity out there. She might have a lot of red carpet buns and updo's but they're always a little different. Especially this time because she lightened her hair! Love it. Next there's Beyonce! I don't know when this pic was taken but she in my opinion looks her best in this picture. I love this color on her and I love how the style is not completely straight but not a poufy afro :). Lastly is Katy Perry, and colored tips are in huge trend right now and I don't think they'll be here much longer so do it for valentines day with maybe pink and purple or just pink or just purple. :) I think I want to do dip dye but, not too sure.
Thats all , well I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful Valentines day!
xoxo shenae
ps. I deleted my youtube videos because I just can't do video's and blog on tumblr and my main blog (this one) so...terribly sorry but I love blogging much much better :)

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