Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hot trends for Spring 2012!

The items below are what I think will be the hottest trends for Spring 2012. The fact is, no one really knows what the trendiest items are because it kind of happens and goes with the flow, so really the only way you can predict it is to
1. Think about the trends of last year
2. Think about trends that have been going on for evveerr!
3. Things that make sense 
4. Things you wear that you think will make a huge comback or keep going. So! With that being said lets get namingHot trends for Spring 2012!

  • Colored denim. It made a huge hit in 2011 and is still going to go strong wit

  • Colored Denim. It made a huge mark in 2011 and now it's time for 2012's time to shine. They're going to look especially good as pastels in the sping. I can just feel it :) haha. However I don't own a pair of colored denim but I think if I see some aqua or lavender ones I'll probably pick them up! They're really easy to style also, just throw on a graphic tee, some colored denim, and some uggs or boots or flats or whatever you want and call it good. They can also be dressy. Just wear them with the right tank or shirt or jacket and it adds instant niceness.
  • Dip dye hair. I believe in September or October, Heather Morris--from glee--was see on Seventeen Magazine's cover with colored ends hair. She had all the colors of the rainbow going however it looks beautiful even with just one color or two or three..etc;. etc....I really want to try this but It's a little to edgy for me. (This just in! Selena Gomez was spotted with purple and blue dip dye!!!)
  • Floral clothing. I myself really love floral print but for some odd reason, it became really popular throughout the entire 2011 year with everything from shorts, skirts, tops, leggings, bags, even pants! PANTS! I really like the skirt in the picture, I don't know where it's from though. You can find a skirt like it from basically anystore that sells clothing and is modern, heck I bet you could find one in a vintage or thrift store!
  • THE NAKED PALETTE! From rant to rant to rave to rave and back again, we've all heard of the Naked palette, even people who don't wear makeup have heard of the Naked Palette. The reason the Urban Decay Naked Palette has been so hyped about is because neutral/ natural colors have been really in, the whole bright blue eye shadow isn't cutting it anymore grandma! The hippie boho chic look has though. With its prices high, and cares low people bought and bought and bought the N palette to a point where the Urban Decay creators had to make a 2nd Palette! Named obviously, The Naked Palette 2 with more matte colors rather than shimmer and a whopping fresh new 5 shades for the likes of my fellow beauty lovers.
  • Cat eye sunglasses. Wayfarer shades are so 2011. I actually got so sick of seeing people with the nerd glasses, that I hunted for a cute new style that wasn't freaky. The cat eye shaped lens is, in my opinion, fresher and will be most likely the new best thing. I'm only kidding, I love wayfarers but come on, aren't you a little sick of seeing them everywhere. Try a new shape. Cat eye sunglasses or just glasses are super retro but are quirky and modern if work correctly. 
  • High waisted shorts. Love the pair I'm showing you up there. They're grey with a huge bow. The bow adds a girly touch to the interesting look of the shorts. You've got to be careful and wear it with the right top though.
  • Crossbody bags. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns all to fit your need. They're really stylish and can be worn basically anywhere. It's again, a tad bit associated with the hippie look and was very popular in 2011 but I think that they will be just as wonderful in the year 2012 (ps. they're really convenient to college or school students that go to sports games or to the mall or activities because its small enough to not get in the way, but big enough to carry keys, cell phone, money, ID, Lip gloss and even a snack.
  • Leopard print anything. It speaks for itself people
  • Revlon Lip butters. Again, rant rant rant, rave rave rave the lip butters a GIANT GIANT GIANT  for 2012. I actually picked up Strawberry Shortcake from Target (its one of their colors) and it doesn't really have a taste but its really soft and melty and does a great job with color and hydration for the lips. Most of the colors are pretty neutral so they're extra wearable but the bad thing is, I know it doesn't sound expensive but at $6.00 to $9.00 they're kinda pricey each just for ONE lip butter. On the bright side, they're really nice so they're pretty much worth it. And they're popular so who gives a crap.
Thats all for this post but I hope you enjoyed and try out some trends for the Spring season!
xoxo Shenae!

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