Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today is the second part of iloveprettyhair's back to school, fashion themes! On my facebook page, I made a riddle status. Every time I'm about to post, I'll have a hint there on my facebook and twitter. I would so totally love it if you'd comment  on what you think the theme will be next. Anyways, today's theme is Indie and I'm really excited because when I think of indie, I think of: Art, plaid, scarves, theatre, Keds, and tribal inpired outfits. Now if you don't know because you didn't read my last blog post, I start with two accessories, a bottom, a top, and then I tell you your fashion icon.
The first accessory that I find interesting and very indie is...
Cat Eye shaped sunglasses.
Cat eye glasses aren't as popular as regular wayfarers, but they are making a huge hit after singer, Katy Perry wore them. Our next accessory is something I don't think I really like, but it's great for others...
Oxford Wedges
I think that oxford wedges are cute and stylish and fun, but I'm not a huge fan when they are regular and not wedges or have any heel. They remind me of bowling shoes. I'm not an indie person though! Don' get mad at me for not liking them! :) Now some bottoms that are in huge trend right now...
high-waist pants.
Ahh...these are supposed to be in style, and they're cute if they're shorts but I cannot bear the  high waist pants. But that is my opinion. I think they look great on celebrities, I bet they look great on everyone, but I'm going to give it only two stars. For a top that's indie, I suggest....
This flowy butterfly tank. It's super comfy and looks way summery. If you want something more 'backtoschool' I would recommend, lace tops with a cardigan thrown over. I'm glad you guys are checking out my facebook. 7 Likes!!! Even though you might think it's lame, I'm happy even just to have one! And I have 15 followers on here!!! And, 8 followers on Twitter!!! I love doing blog posts and right after I post this one, I'm going to start on one that is top secret! If you want a hint. Check my facebook, "like" it. And find my riddles, and hidden clues :) until then, see you next time!
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Series :)

Starting today, August 25th I'm starting a back to school series even though some people may have started school or college already. I personally haven't started school yet. I also haven't gone school shopping yet. The series I'm starting is basically a theme of choice, such as, today I'll be kicking it off with a Boho or bohemian theme. In the post I'll show some boho clothing, accessories, shoes etc... I got the inspiration from Seventeen Magazine's new book out called Seventeen Magazine Ultimate Guide to Style.

Usually when I think of bohemian, I think of floppy hats, fringe material, headbands, beaches, sand, tribal inspired objects, and surfing. When going for a bohemian look, try using beads to create your own necklace, bracelet, earrings, or decorate your bag. An example of a boho bag would be...
Like I mentioned earlier, a fringe bag! Especially in earthy tones like green, the above pictured yellow, browns, dark oranges, and more natural tones. Nothing quite neon, or bright. Boho isn't exactly pink, or  lime green. Think forest green instead :) A bohemian  necklace could be pictured as this...
So yes, something colorful yet, not so bright that it takes you to indie/edgy which we will talk about soon. Notice the yarn, and beads. Put together yet not, all at the same time :) Now that we've covered accessories, lets move on to Bottoms. Pants/ skirts that have a bohemian feel are like this...
If you're going for a top that's boho, I suggest this...
It's floral but has nice tones to it. Ruffles and flowyness is a big part of Bohemian style. It's almost like there's two parts of boho, there's Surfer, and then there's Actual Boho. The things I've listed is Actual Boho :)
A style icon you should look to for boho looks would be...
Nicole Richie!
Nicole Richie sure knows how to be boho chic. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, braided updo's, flat sandals, chunky jewelry, and headbands. You think it, Nicole's worn it. Boho-wise that is. Look to Nicole boho style guide.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Colored Denim!

       I've been gone for seven days! Yup, while I was gone though I went to Silver Lake which is in Michigan. I got to meet some really cool family members that I hadn't met before. But my ipod died on the way to Silver Lake so I couldn't blog for you! :( But today's post is about a fall back to school trend, which is...drumroll please! COLORED DENIM :) Colored denim is basically what it sounds like. It can be any color, but pastels are totally in this season. Here's some pictures of colored denim.

These are just some of the colors that you can find on denim. I think the middle picture of the orange denim is a pastel color :) The celebrities sure love the colored denim trend too!
Kim Kardashian

Hillary Duff
Victoria Justice

I also noticed that Cameron Diaz wears a lot of colored denim too, but I didn't want to make this post too long. I think out of all the pictures up here, my favorite colored denim is the electric purple at the very top. My favorite celeb look with the denim is either Victoria Justice or Kim Kardashian. It's a tough one but I'm gonna go with Victoria, only because 1. Turquoise is my favorite color and 2. She styled it simple but successfully. Alright! I finally blogged! And will probably do it tomorrow and the next day and the next. Don't forget to check back soon, I'm going to change my poll so you can vote on which celeb denim look you like best :)
Xoxo Shenae :)
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hair crush!

I've done a lot of thinking and I realized that Mila Kunis has EXTREMELY GORGEOUS hair. She has a lot of volume! She's also gorgeous in the face! Her makeup is done so well. She has really big eyes :) They're pretty though. I am borrowing some pictures from google images of her right now. I don't own the pictures just so everyone knows :)
Wavy Updo :)
Loose Waves :)
Straightish :)
Curly Pony :)

I love Mila Kunis's ponytail so much that I recreated her ponytail on me! It's not nearly as good
The picture quality sucks :)

Mine is a little harder to see but my hair isn't as sleek, curled, or neat as hers. I made mine messy to frame my face. It's hard to flatter my face because it's circular. I love Mila Kunis and I really want to see one of her movies...there's two out right now, I don't remember what their names are but I hope you all see the movies and I hope that you liked this post. If you did like the post,
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Patterened Tights/ Leggings, In or Out?

Hey! With being a huge Lucy Hale fan, I watch pretty little liars. And with being a HUGE fan of Pretty Little Liars, I love looking at Aria's fashion on the show! Aria's style is mostly edgy, mixed with boho, mixed with girly.  It's so pretty, maybe too edgy for me. A lot of the time I see Aria, I think of patterend tights! I seriously don't know why. Maybe I saw it in an episode, I have zero clue.
If you don't know what I mean by patterned tights, this is what I mean...
Borrowed picture :) google images.

So as you can see, the tights are so super cute. I actually like a different pattern on the tights, but I can't find it on google images so I'll keep looking...10 minutes later...
Borrowed from :)
I love the floral patterned tights. They don't look skimpy and I'm pretty sure they don't go out of style...maybe. My question for ya'll is; Are patterned tights-leggings, in or out?
I say in. There will be a poll on the side bar to the right and it will ask the same question, please do these steps :)
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ways to Style a Bow!

Hi, I've just been a blogaholic lately; posting all over the place.  Well, at least they're somewhat good! I am so excited because I finally got my new Seventeen Magazine in the mail two days ago with Ashley Benson on the cover!! Yay! I love pretty little liars. But as I was flipping through the pages to get to the Ashley Benson interview...BAM! I was hit with a wonderful page that looks like this...

Even though I have a camera, I decided to use the webcam for this picture, not only because it's built into my laptop, but because it might be against the law to show people--who didn't pay for the magazine--the magazine. But as you can see, it's a hairstyle page. Not only a hairstyle page, but the hairstyle page, that shows 7 days of hairstyles. It's my favorite part in the whole magazine! What a long intro of jabber! Here's the first style...
A definite classic of straight hair, with fringe, and the bow shoved behind the ear to create a flattering, bohemian/ girly effect.
The next style is...

I would have done more different types of braids, but I'm pretty sure that most of you know that you can do the
1. Normal Braid
2. Fishtail
3. 4 strand
4. 5 strand
5. If you want to count a topknot because it's a braid then there's another!
The next style is something you could wear anywhere and It can be dressed up, down, sideways...totally kidding. Drum roll please. Da dadada!

Yep, that's right. A ponytail. A ponytail with character, dignity, VOLUME! POOF! You can make the illusion of teased hair by pushing the headband down and forward. If you do decide to push the headband forward, start the headband a little farther back than you normally would, that way when you push it forward you wont push it too far.
                If you have fringe or side bangs like me then I suggest proportioning your bow the way you think it looks best, and for most that would be on the side of your head that your bangs are on.
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Take Blake's look from Day to Night

Hi! I've really been in a big blogger mood today. Maybe it's because I actually did something today. First I had to pick up my sports physical form in order to play volleyball. Anyone else play volleyball? Anyways, then I went out to lunch. Then we had to pick up my uncle so that he can move. (my uncle is moving to a new house). Thank gosh. And, I have the song "Moves like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera stuck in my head. So now that I'm home sitting down with my laptop. It's blogger time. Even if no one reads my blogs, I'll continue to do it for the fun of it. Well anywho let's get into this. This is the picture of Blake Lively that we are taking from day to night :)
I have no idea what exact products Blake wears, I just guess.
Picture borrowed from or people magazine.

Just so everyone knows, I have no clue what products, Blake Lively and her makeup artist use but I am giving you a dupe list. A dupe list is basically just a list of drugstore products that work just as well. Let's move along shall we?
Foundation: Something light but has lots of coverage.
Concealer: Again, something light.
Eyeshadow: A natural almost skin tone matching pinkish orange.
Eyeliner: Subtle, but smudged on the bottom outward.
Mascara: Spider-like trend in Very Black.
Blush: Light Pink.
Lips: Strawberry color. Too dark to be a nude or pink, so I'd say a strawberry or extremely dark light pink.
Bronzer: Totally small amount, just enough to contour the face and bring out her natural features.
Hair: The signature Blake Lively Beachy blonde waves with skinny twists throughout.
Fashion: White Top. Chunky light aqua, square earrings.

Alright now let's bring that look into the night!
Foundation: Same
Concealer: Same
Eyeshadow: Sweep a bronze color over the pink followed by a sweep of brown shadow.
Eyeliner: Add a bit more liner to the top and bottom and smudge severely and wing out once.
Mascara: Apply two more coats of the same mascara and wing out.
Blush: A dark peach color.
Bronzer: Lots but not too much, because she still has the same color to her face as the first picture.
Lips: Bold red.
Fashion: Black and white dress? And chunky sparkly studs.
I hope you all enjoyed this Day to Night tutorial!
Xoxo Shenae! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Make your Hazel or Green or Light Brown eyes pop!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited because I did a Target run last night and I got a ton of new makeup. If you have Hazel eyes, brown eyes, or dark green eyes, this tutorial is for you! I personally have hazel eyes but if you have other colors like it, it will work just fine. This look is a little dramatic on the eyes but sort of subtle on everything else. Here it is...
Yes I have a lot of zits, but hey, I'm a teenage girl. What am I supposed to do
Not have them? I don't have a choice.
To get this look you will need:
1. Eyes.Lips.Face (elf) eye shadow palette
2. NYC duo purple and black eye liner
3. NYC Persistent Pink Lip stain.
4. Clear shimmer lip gloss or any pink color.
5. CoverGirl aqua smoothers Tinted Moisturizer.
6. Blush of a peach or natural looking color for your skin tone.
You can use any brand of any of things I listed.

How to get it.
First start with no makeup...
Like so.
First start by applying a small amount of your favorite tinted moisturizer. Make sure to blend really well because sometimes if you don't, you get cakey. Also remember to bring it down to your neck a little ways so that you look more natural.
Next you should apply eye shadow primer or use your concealer which I forgot to list in things you'll need. but put that on your lids to help keep the color on all day. I suggest urban decay shadow primer. Anything will do.
Once you've got that done you've got that done, you can start applying shadow. First start with a bright yellow or highlight color that you like. Apply that to your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes also known as the tear duct. Then apply a light purple to the lid and part of the crease. After that, apply a darker purple to the edge of your eyelid and the crease making a shape like this >  If you're a little confused see the first picture at the top.
After that disaster you can start on the cheeks. I used a peach blush to compliment my skin tone and make it less bold. That's the thing with makeup. You don't want to have red lips, with dark brows, with tons of eye shadow, with tons of bronzer and tons of blush. You would want to have little blush and bronzer, pink lips, a subtle smoky eye and medium amount of eyeliner + mascara. That's when you're good to go.
Next when you're done applying a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks, you can go ahead and use your NYC New York Color lip stain in, persistent pink. Its not bright I discovered but it has pigment, but it sort of darkens. If that's what you like, then cool but it turned my lips sort of light red. Know what I mean? Of course you don't :).
Hmm, did I leave anything out? Eyeliner... you all know how to apply that. But for a reminder, put it in your water line. Alright! I'm done!! Yay!!
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Have a great time Hazel eye people! Wow there's alot of exclamation points in this...Xoxo Shenae. :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Katy Perry. Black, Blonde, Blue or...PINK!

I absolutely love Katy Perry/Katy Brand (Now married) because she is beautiful, smart, and risky! Katy Perry first started out with black hair...
Katy Perry 2009

Then Katy went to a nice blue for the California Gurls Music Video...
Katy in Paris

Then a gorgeous Blonde...
Katy on MTV

Now we see another side of Miss Katy lovelypants...
Katy is here sporting her soon to be famous
pink hair.

So comment on which hair color or even
style you like best from Mrs. Katy Brand.
I personally like the blonde/ginger the best 
I think that it compliments her skin tone the best
and also gives her a more appropriate daytime
normal look. Even though she is normal and everything.
I think that the black hair is cute and pure Katy, but it makes her
look washed out if she doesn't wear the right makeup. With that
being said I think that with her light skin tone, the ginger color fits her the
very best. Any ways like I said before, comment in the comment section and 
just tell me which hairstyle, haircolor, or even which outfit you like the best. Again for me the 
favorite outfit would have to be the blue and red one where she has the ginger hair
It just all looks gorgeous together. However Katy Perry always looks gorgeous. For
some odd reason, she always looks good in any makeup look. My favorite dress Katy has ever wore was the dress for the Starstrukk video...

I love the pink and then the Minnie Mouse effect witht he black.  Alright well I'm super tired so enjoy! Don't forget to comment!!! Xoxo Shenae