Friday, August 12, 2011

Ways to Style a Bow!

Hi, I've just been a blogaholic lately; posting all over the place.  Well, at least they're somewhat good! I am so excited because I finally got my new Seventeen Magazine in the mail two days ago with Ashley Benson on the cover!! Yay! I love pretty little liars. But as I was flipping through the pages to get to the Ashley Benson interview...BAM! I was hit with a wonderful page that looks like this...

Even though I have a camera, I decided to use the webcam for this picture, not only because it's built into my laptop, but because it might be against the law to show people--who didn't pay for the magazine--the magazine. But as you can see, it's a hairstyle page. Not only a hairstyle page, but the hairstyle page, that shows 7 days of hairstyles. It's my favorite part in the whole magazine! What a long intro of jabber! Here's the first style...
A definite classic of straight hair, with fringe, and the bow shoved behind the ear to create a flattering, bohemian/ girly effect.
The next style is...

I would have done more different types of braids, but I'm pretty sure that most of you know that you can do the
1. Normal Braid
2. Fishtail
3. 4 strand
4. 5 strand
5. If you want to count a topknot because it's a braid then there's another!
The next style is something you could wear anywhere and It can be dressed up, down, sideways...totally kidding. Drum roll please. Da dadada!

Yep, that's right. A ponytail. A ponytail with character, dignity, VOLUME! POOF! You can make the illusion of teased hair by pushing the headband down and forward. If you do decide to push the headband forward, start the headband a little farther back than you normally would, that way when you push it forward you wont push it too far.
                If you have fringe or side bangs like me then I suggest proportioning your bow the way you think it looks best, and for most that would be on the side of your head that your bangs are on.
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