Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Make your Hazel or Green or Light Brown eyes pop!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited because I did a Target run last night and I got a ton of new makeup. If you have Hazel eyes, brown eyes, or dark green eyes, this tutorial is for you! I personally have hazel eyes but if you have other colors like it, it will work just fine. This look is a little dramatic on the eyes but sort of subtle on everything else. Here it is...
Yes I have a lot of zits, but hey, I'm a teenage girl. What am I supposed to do
Not have them? I don't have a choice.
To get this look you will need:
1. Eyes.Lips.Face (elf) eye shadow palette
2. NYC duo purple and black eye liner
3. NYC Persistent Pink Lip stain.
4. Clear shimmer lip gloss or any pink color.
5. CoverGirl aqua smoothers Tinted Moisturizer.
6. Blush of a peach or natural looking color for your skin tone.
You can use any brand of any of things I listed.

How to get it.
First start with no makeup...
Like so.
First start by applying a small amount of your favorite tinted moisturizer. Make sure to blend really well because sometimes if you don't, you get cakey. Also remember to bring it down to your neck a little ways so that you look more natural.
Next you should apply eye shadow primer or use your concealer which I forgot to list in things you'll need. but put that on your lids to help keep the color on all day. I suggest urban decay shadow primer. Anything will do.
Once you've got that done you've got that done, you can start applying shadow. First start with a bright yellow or highlight color that you like. Apply that to your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes also known as the tear duct. Then apply a light purple to the lid and part of the crease. After that, apply a darker purple to the edge of your eyelid and the crease making a shape like this >  If you're a little confused see the first picture at the top.
After that disaster you can start on the cheeks. I used a peach blush to compliment my skin tone and make it less bold. That's the thing with makeup. You don't want to have red lips, with dark brows, with tons of eye shadow, with tons of bronzer and tons of blush. You would want to have little blush and bronzer, pink lips, a subtle smoky eye and medium amount of eyeliner + mascara. That's when you're good to go.
Next when you're done applying a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks, you can go ahead and use your NYC New York Color lip stain in, persistent pink. Its not bright I discovered but it has pigment, but it sort of darkens. If that's what you like, then cool but it turned my lips sort of light red. Know what I mean? Of course you don't :).
Hmm, did I leave anything out? Eyeliner... you all know how to apply that. But for a reminder, put it in your water line. Alright! I'm done!! Yay!!
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Have a great time Hazel eye people! Wow there's alot of exclamation points in this...Xoxo Shenae. :)

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