Friday, August 5, 2011

Katy Perry. Black, Blonde, Blue or...PINK!

I absolutely love Katy Perry/Katy Brand (Now married) because she is beautiful, smart, and risky! Katy Perry first started out with black hair...
Katy Perry 2009

Then Katy went to a nice blue for the California Gurls Music Video...
Katy in Paris

Then a gorgeous Blonde...
Katy on MTV

Now we see another side of Miss Katy lovelypants...
Katy is here sporting her soon to be famous
pink hair.

So comment on which hair color or even
style you like best from Mrs. Katy Brand.
I personally like the blonde/ginger the best 
I think that it compliments her skin tone the best
and also gives her a more appropriate daytime
normal look. Even though she is normal and everything.
I think that the black hair is cute and pure Katy, but it makes her
look washed out if she doesn't wear the right makeup. With that
being said I think that with her light skin tone, the ginger color fits her the
very best. Any ways like I said before, comment in the comment section and 
just tell me which hairstyle, haircolor, or even which outfit you like the best. Again for me the 
favorite outfit would have to be the blue and red one where she has the ginger hair
It just all looks gorgeous together. However Katy Perry always looks gorgeous. For
some odd reason, she always looks good in any makeup look. My favorite dress Katy has ever wore was the dress for the Starstrukk video...

I love the pink and then the Minnie Mouse effect witht he black.  Alright well I'm super tired so enjoy! Don't forget to comment!!! Xoxo Shenae

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