Sunday, July 31, 2011

My "Blaul"

Ok fine so blaul isn't a word. I made it all up, alright whatever, what are you going to do, throw me in jail? The word blaul means blogger haul. I went to the mall today with my friend and we got pedicures, shopped, ate, the normal teenage good stuff, so I thought I could maybe share the findings with you! But first I want to show you my hot pink pedicure...
Anyways here's the real blaul...
Hello Kitty sweater 14.00 on sale JCpenney
Swim Seperates
Yellow polka dots= Deb $2.50
Pink w/ rhinestones=Deb $2.50
Bath and body works
Paris Amour collection body lotion $3.50
Liplicious lipgloss (fruit punch)  $7.50 :)

It's not much but I walked around the mall for about 4 hours...It was back to school shopping week, but I had $48.00 and I spent $34.00 on school supplies. I only had about $14.00 left so my friends mom bought the shirt for me hehe. I love going shopping with other peoples moms. Just if you're wondering I didn't only have $48.00 for school stuff, it was just the first time I went this year I usually go about 3 or 4 times unless it's a huge shopping trip like $200. I don't come from a rich family so keep in mind that even $100 is a lot to me. I hope you all had a great time reading my blog post. Comment's are appreciated, Follows are fabulous.
Xoxo, Shenae :)

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