Friday, July 22, 2011

Sometimes a High Messy Bun isn't so bad!

Hi everyone! It has been scorching hot where I live lately and I noticed that with all my hair, my head gets hot, so I decided to sport the high messy bun. If you don't know what a high messy bun is, it's basically just a bun high on top of your head. As I type this post I am wearing a top knot. It looks sort of awkward if you don't know how to wear it because sometimes a little piece sticks up. But hey, what did they create bobby pins for?!

Thumbs down for, too, messy :(
As you can see, there are pieces sticking up and the top knot looks terrible...
this is an example of a way not to do the high messy bun look. :(

Thumbs up for good messy texture :)

As you can see for this picture the bun has very small good looking pieces out. In the first picture the pieces sticking up were thick and long. But for this picture they are thin short and give the bun character.  Also if you want even more texture, flip your hair over, braid down with your hair. Use an elastic to tie it off, then flip your head back to normal and spin the braid into a top knot, It will look bumpy but that gives it the "knot",  also I've found that those stay together better then the messy textured buns. I hope I helped! 
XOXO Shenae :)


  1. Thumbs up from me :) Now following your wonderful blog.

  2. hey! thanx for commenting on my blog, following you now! & I luv ur pics, lol, with the thumbs up and thumbs down. Cute messy bun! ^.^

  3. Thumbs up you really make it messy... :P

  4. I like the bun, its super convenient and cute when done right! Thumbs up! New follower! :)