Thursday, July 21, 2011

Early July Favorites... :)

So I know I haven't posted in a while but I decided I should do something, so I'm making a favorites blog. My first favorite of the month has been:
1. Aussie Leave-in Conditioner. Its amazing! What you do is you, use it right after you wash your hair. It's best to use when you come right out, spritz about 5-9 squirts onto your hair depending on how much hair you have and use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product. :) My second favorite of the month is:
2. Poppy by Coach Eau De Parfum. I don't actually own the perfume, but I smelled it in the catalogue and it smelled AMAZING! Its about 60.00$ for a 1.7 oz bottle and about 80.00$ for a 3.4 oz bottle, so its a little pricey but I bet if you go to your local Sephora or Ulta they might have samples. Or, you could even shop around for a knockoff. Compare the two! You might be surprised how much alike the perfumes smell. No one would even know. My third favorite is:
3. Colorblock tiger stiped nails inspired by Macbarbie07 on Youtube! She's so awesome everyone should go check her out. I did my little take on it  with three shades of pink so here it is! If you want to know how to do this comment below and I'll make my next post about it.
Colorblock tiger striped nails. 
I'm also loving the songs:
1. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj
2. Last Friday Night (TGIF)-Katy Perry
3. Edge of Glory-Lady Gaga
I hope everyone has a fantastico rest of July and as always, follow me on facebook:
Check me out!!! Like always XOXO Love Shenae


  1. In my title I meant July favorites for august but it looks funny up there!

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