Monday, June 27, 2011

I got the hair extensions!

Sorry I haven't been on forever but you guys should leave me comments so I know you're there! Anyways, I got my feather extensions done. It was 10$ a feather. They were a little skinnier than I thought but are totally cute. Just a note to everybody; if you plan to get feather extensions and have dark hair, go for a light pink and a white or something not dark, that is if you want POP of color. If you want suttle then go for a dark blue or turquoise. I got a dark green/ blue and white and all you can see is the white. Thats ok though it's still sort of noticeable. Check them out. By the way this is really me.

Hope you enjoyed! XOXO Shenae. Check me out on facebook. Shenae Nicole!

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