Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Blog Celebration!

Hey, I'm a first time blogger, looked like fun so I thought I should try. My name is Shenae and I love hair. I'm sort of obsessive with it. I like to be wierd and quirky, thats just me. I love spending hours on youtube just watching the hair tutorials and makeup tutorials. Now that you know a bit about me, I'll tell you why I'm  here. Living in a small town in Michigan, you would never ever think a girl like me would want to grow up and live in New York City, but guess what? I do. My dream is to be a magazine editor for Seventeen Magazine, or Teen Vogue. Maybe even the little gossip ones like J-14 or Popstar! The weird part is that I also am in love with the ocean. The whole surfer vibe is me too. How does a shopping fashion New York city girl mix with California Carolina Vibe? I seriously don't know. Thats how I'm quirky and unique. Did I mention that I also want to be a writer? I am in love with reading the books like "LA Candy--Lauren Conrad" or "The Clique" books by Lisi Harrison. Pretty cool huh? Since this is such a huge blog at the moment I will stop here and make another blog about what I really came to blogspot for. Fashion and Beauty. Smiley Faces for now
XOXO :) Shenae
Ps. Please leave comments on what you think my ending name credits thing should be. You know like the thing where some girls at the end of their blogs say: XOXO Blair~ Blair Fowler~ all time fave of mine :) any who tell me whatcha think :) bye

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