Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mane n' Tail Product Review

Ok so today I was at the store when I remembered I needed conditioner, so I went to the hair isle (my favorite isle by the way) and looked around. I am in love with Aussie products, they smell so good and work really well for my hair...but...just as I reached over to grab some up...It caught my eye. Right now your probably thinking...Shenae, what caught your eye? Well, it was Mane n' tail conditioner! I had heard of it from seventeen and teen vogue magazines but I didn't know they sold it where I was. I looked at the price, 3 dollars! what a great deal. So anyways the whole reason I wanted to make this particular post was because I tested it out. It says that Mane n' tail is supposed to thicken and strengthen hair. It also gives it shine so thats really good for me. It really worked. Theres kind of a good part and a bad part about the smell though. It smelled good, which is the bad-ish part but the good part is that it stays in your hair. When being compared to aussie, Aussie's conditioners smell AMAZING, but they only last until you get out of the shower, so those are the comparison of Aussie and Mane n' Tail. Did I mention that you can use Mane n' tail on HORSES!  Yeah thats what I said, that is waayyy to cool. So for the over all rating out of five stars on five being the best. Mane n' Tail got a 3. It smelled good and left my hair nice, but it was basically just like the other conditioners out there. :) Thanks for reading
XOXO :) Shenae

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