Friday, June 17, 2011

Style Fail and Weekly Hairstyle!

        I try not to be mean when I make my posts, but sometimes there are some style fails that fail. Epicly. So I think this could be the name of a new blog series, kind of like when the beauty girls on say glitter glossip (allthatglitters21) or beauty blabber (juicystar07). So one series will be Style Fail and the other will be weekly hairstyle. I kind of don't like the 'weekly hairstyle' name so if you can come up with a better one please comment and I'll pick yours for my new series. I would have done them seperately but I didn't want to make three whole posts in one day! So starting with my style fails, I will do three pictures each week of people who totally failed at dressing them selves that day.

  Those were the style fails, obviously. The hairstyle of the week goes to Taylor Swift :)
Taylor has wavy hair with a side-center part. Her hair is side swept from right to left, and has a headband with a flower on it in a boho girly look. For this look you will need:
4 hair elastics (strong hold preferably),
a fashion headband,
a comb,
a hairdryer, and
leave in conditioner.

 To achieve this look follow these steps
1.) Wash your hair and dry 3/4 of the way through the night before. Comb through hair.
2.) Spray leave-in conditioner throughout hair and continue comb through to evenly distribute the product. You can also use a hair putty to give the hair a grip-able surfer texture.
3.) Separate hair into four sections, two in the front and two in the back. braid the back sections like normal, but french or dutch braid the front pieces. 
4.) Sleep on a satin or soft pillowcase so your hair doesn't get roughed up.
5.) In the morning make sure your hair is dry, you can poke your finger through the braid but don't undo it yet. If the hair is wet dry the hair with a hairdryer still in a braid. If the hair is dry then undo the braid carefully, be sure not to comb or brush through. By doing so you are destroying the fragile waves you have created. 
6.) If your hair doesn't hold curls or waves well, then spray a hairmist or hairspray on the hair to give it hold. Just a tip, don't spray the hair directly with the spray. Hold it about a foot or two away from the head. Scrunch toward the top of your head while spraying to give the roots volume.
Random Picture from the internet :)
Headband 4.50 Claire's
7.) When you've created waves you are satisfied with then place a Hair-band like Taylor's to your forehead, right before the roots. You can find Hair-bands like hers at Target, Walmart, Claire's, Icing, Walgreens or any place that sells hair items near you. These are some examples.  
Braided Boho Headband 4.50 $ Claire's

XOXO :) Shenae

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