Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions Love em' or Hate em'

I must say ladies, my last blog post almost gave me arthritis. So Hello, today is feather extension day. I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE! Wanna hear an anecdote? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Anyways, I first saw feather extensions in Seventeen Magazine in the June issue. They were so cute, on the cover, Lucy Hale has on earrings that are completely adorable they are neon and feathery. I'm sure you could make them if you wanted but anyways; I saw the feather extensions and the first thought going through my head was, "how much could they possibly cost? They're only little hair thingys" so I searched them on ebay. Ebay had some kits for about 25 dollars, not too bad but I hate buying things online so I waited, then--on facebook--A friend of mine posted that she got some! I was sort of mad sort of sad because I wanted to be the first on with feather extensions. So I asked her where she got them done. She said that she got the feathers done in a local salon. I was surprised! Being that I only had just heard about feather extensions, I had no idea they did them in salons! I quickly googled my local salons website and clicked on contact us. Most likely your salons website will have one of those buttons too, so then I emailed them asking if they did feather extensions. Mind you that my salon wasn't the same one that my friend went to so I had to ask. So I sent the email and right a way the very next day I checked and they responded saying that they did have them. Yay! I was practically jumping up and down. I almost picked up my cat Bo and threw him into a wall (no just kidding I would never do that to fluffy Bo) hehe anyways Its been two days since then so obviously I don't have the extensions. I'm hoping that I can save up enough to get some though. There. That was my really long anecdote, which sort of cancels out because anecdote means short story and this was long. Duh Earth to Shenae your readers don't care. Haha. Here are the pro's and con's of hair feathers...
Pros :) If they're real hair, then you can apply heat products. Still apply low heat settings on your flat iron or curling iron though. Another pro would be that they are totally in, totally trendy, and will most likely stay in style for another couple years or so. The last pro I can think of is that you can also get them done in salons so...yay!
Selena Gomez
Cons :( Depending on where you get them, they can last for about two to six months. Also If you don't use a heat product, they may last even longer. (just an educated guess though) However the cost if you get them done in a salon could range from 5 dollars a feather to 20 dollars a feather. Here are some pictures of celebrities wearing Feather Extensions:

Hillary Duff
Jennifer Love Hewitt

XOXO :) Shenae

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