Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hello world,
       I was at the mall yesterday and I noticed that whatever store I went to, I couldn't get away from the animalsfaceonashirttrend. Yes, you read that right, animals-face-on-a-shirt-trend. Thats what I call it. They look a little like this--
Forever21 $14.80

Not the girl obiously, but the shirt! I don't know if it's just me but I've noticed them alot and, I don't know what to think of it. It looks cute, but at the same time it looks creepy. Kind of like the animal will hypnotize you into wearing the shirt while its hanging in your closet--or folded out in your drawer--staring at you. Have any of you seen the paint commercial where the girl is trying to paint her house but she see's her boyfriend staring at a painting on the wall of Neptune. The guy is like "it speaks to me" and then you hear the wall say, "don't paint me" then the girl paints over it and is like, "nope its gotta go". Thats what I feel like will happen when I buy this shirt. Ok fine I'm just kidding that wouldn't happen,  but my point is that I see the shirts every where and no one has started a trend with them yet!  Here's some more...
Wet seal $18.50

Wet seal  $18.50

Forever 21 $14.80

                    As you can see, I only have tops from wet seal and forever 21 uploaded on here, but thats because I'm lazy. By the way, I don't own these pictures or the tops so do hate me. You wouldn't hate me right? You don't even know me!  Oh well. THANKS FOR ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS! It means alot to me that you checked out my blog and are following me. I love all your blogs too! I read all the comments and if someone follows me I try to follow them back but a girl can only do so much :) By the way, I finally got a twitter! Well, I myself had a twitter but for my own safety I made my blog a twitter. As always XOXO Shenae :)


  1. My friend just came back from the States and she told me that everyone there was obsessed with this trend!

  2. Yep, I see it everywhere! I can't escape it! :)