Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today is the second part of iloveprettyhair's back to school, fashion themes! On my facebook page, I made a riddle status. Every time I'm about to post, I'll have a hint there on my facebook and twitter. I would so totally love it if you'd comment  on what you think the theme will be next. Anyways, today's theme is Indie and I'm really excited because when I think of indie, I think of: Art, plaid, scarves, theatre, Keds, and tribal inpired outfits. Now if you don't know because you didn't read my last blog post, I start with two accessories, a bottom, a top, and then I tell you your fashion icon.
The first accessory that I find interesting and very indie is...
Cat Eye shaped sunglasses.
Cat eye glasses aren't as popular as regular wayfarers, but they are making a huge hit after singer, Katy Perry wore them. Our next accessory is something I don't think I really like, but it's great for others...
Oxford Wedges
I think that oxford wedges are cute and stylish and fun, but I'm not a huge fan when they are regular and not wedges or have any heel. They remind me of bowling shoes. I'm not an indie person though! Don' get mad at me for not liking them! :) Now some bottoms that are in huge trend right now...
high-waist pants.
Ahh...these are supposed to be in style, and they're cute if they're shorts but I cannot bear the  high waist pants. But that is my opinion. I think they look great on celebrities, I bet they look great on everyone, but I'm going to give it only two stars. For a top that's indie, I suggest....
This flowy butterfly tank. It's super comfy and looks way summery. If you want something more 'backtoschool' I would recommend, lace tops with a cardigan thrown over. I'm glad you guys are checking out my facebook. 7 Likes!!! Even though you might think it's lame, I'm happy even just to have one! And I have 15 followers on here!!! And, 8 followers on Twitter!!! I love doing blog posts and right after I post this one, I'm going to start on one that is top secret! If you want a hint. Check my facebook, "like" it. And find my riddles, and hidden clues :) until then, see you next time!
ps. Don't forget to read my last last blog post and vote on my poll. I'll be starting  a new poll soon.
Xoxo Shenae

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