Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celeb of the Week, #1 Leighton!

Blair from Gossip girl! However even though we love love love blair's classic elegant style on the show, we love Leighton's awesome style in real life even more! Lets start with Hairstyles!
Cute curls
A sweet high messy bun.
Soft waves :) Now lets move onto makeup, with leighton, its either very natural, very edgy, or very classic. She has a nice variation.
A classic red lip with long lush lashes, black liner, grey shimmer eye shadow and bronzer or golden blush.
Dark shadow, nude lips, and bronzer.
Neutral brown eye shadow, black liner cat eye, light everyday lip, bronzer.
Now lets go to fashion!
Sparkly black tunic, silver jewelry, cute headband...WIN!
Go green! I absolutely love this combination of gold and green on leighton with the color of her hair and the right makeup look. It was a close call though because you don't want to look like a lucky charms leprichahn or however you spell it. You get the jist though.
Lace gown with a leg slit, gorgeous. And perfect for Valentines day. I'm sure theres a short version with 3/4 sleeves at wet seal for a really good price, go check it out!
Xoxo Shenae, Happy valentines day!

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