Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Favorites

I know I'll forget so I'm just going to do my favorites right now! I'm kind of not in a blogging mood so I don't want to type much but...whatever...I complain too much...whatever.
This is an OKAY product, its not by any means, perfect, but it smells amazing.

I have this perfume, well its a shimmer mist, but it smells amazing...I just said that about the last item but for real, these products are delicious...jk
Not only is Carrie Underwood a favorite, but Ponytails are a favorite too! I've been really lazy lately and just throw my hair up and go! The messier and voluminous the better!

Taylor swift nuff said.
Two favorite songs of the month...
Kiss Kiss, Chris brown
Turn up the music, Chris brown
Chris brown is my obsession. I hope he and Rihanna get back together.

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