Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall Calf Boots 2011

             Hello everyone! I live in a state that's a big seasonal changer. Meaning we have hot summers, medium falls, cold winters, and medium springs. So with fall getting a little bit chillier than usual, I need to do some boot shopping. I recently have searched you tube for some good boot guides and new trends. I also searched, and many more online magazines. My favorite boot trend this fall is, Riding Boots. Here's a little picture of what riding boots I love.
The boots shown are from Target. I believe they are $34.99 I'm not sure how much that is in other countries but in the US that's pretty cheap for a nice looking boot such as this one. Most boots are $60.00 The only think I don't like about these boots, is that they only go up to size 11 and I wear a size 12 in womens. Yes that's size 43 in europe! I have huge feet. It's hard for me to find shoes sometimes so I usually end up going to payless where I know they have boots for my size, but they don't always have a good selection. The only other place I know to go to would be where their sizes go all the way up to 14! The only problem there is that their boots range in price from $40.00 to $2000.00 Yes crazy right? Now you see my conundrum very difficult to find cheap, yet cute, yet my size shoes :) Here are some options for normal sized feet.
$34.99 Target
$39.99 Target
$49.99 Target
All styles shown here are, riding boots. I absolutely love them. They obviously have an equestrian feel, but are also comfortable and pulled together. They are a definite classic and if you look hard they're cheaper than stiletto pumps. I literally think you could wear these anywhere. School, maybe work (depends), college, shopping, running errands, out with friends, to the football games,...etc on and on and on and on. Anyone can pull these off. For a girly look, pair them with a floral dress, matching cardigan, dangly earrings and a long necklace. For an edgy look, try extreme distressed black jeans (depending on the color of the boot) and a rocker top. For boho, wear it with a maxi dress and pretty top, try feather earrings too for the loose feel. My favorite, Classic, could be pulled together with a preppy button down, blazer, skinny jeans, and pearls. I would love it if you posted a picture of your riding boots for me to see. I love it when you guys comment but I haven't gotten many lately. Thanks for voting on my poll! I'll be writing another post right after this one on something surprising. But I'll only post it when I get another like on my facebook page. I already have 7 likes, once I get 8 I'll post it. By the way, if you haven't noticed already, I just got a polyvore and it is so super fun. I'd love it if you linked me your polyvore. So anywho come check out my facebook page here! Like me, write on my wall, who cares read all my statuses and have fun! I also have a twitter but you don't have to follow me, the links are on the sidebar though if you do! Hearts to all of you! Byee.

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