Sunday, December 18, 2011

I got my first high end makeup product!

              Well, actually its a package of high end products, but I got the Benefit "the big ten" set that includes 10 of their most popular products. Its only a mini of each thing though but it was only 32$ at my local sephora so i was really excited! The downside is that I have to wait to open it until Christmas because this year I got to buy almost all of my Christmas presents this year from my parents and then they said they'd get me some surprise ones too but I got a whole bunch of great stuff! (Haul anyone?) my haul will probably be my next post but it wont be until after Christmas because I have a ton going on right now, plus I don't want to do a haul and then do another one right afterward with the other products that I get from other family members so I probably wont post the haul until around the 28th or so because I'm having family Christmas on the 26th :) I also did a new nail polish design and I'll insert that pic now :)
Panda nails! Love! Comment and tell me what your going to get for christmas if you already know! also tell me what's on your nails right now? post a pic on my facebook!
xoxo shenae! Merry christmas

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