Friday, December 30, 2011

Style Fail and weekly Hairstyle Dec. 2011

Hey everyone, It seems that I haven't done one of these for a veeerrrry long time. But everyone seemed to love these so lets get started with the red carpet fails first!
This picture is of Nicki Minaj at I believe the grammy's because thats what it says on the step and repeat behind her. Ok this is a total disaster. So lets get things straight. I love leopard print, you love leopard print, everyone loves leopard print, but there's a point to where you become so obsessed with it that you must take every item of clothing you own thats leopard and wear it all at the same time. This my friend is a special condition now called the nickieoparditus.  Pronounced Nick-E-ep-or-i-tus. Its a serious condition found in all Nicki Minaj's. :) Just kidding, I love Nicki, but this is a complete terrifying experience.
This is Sarah Jessica Parker...somewhere :) I don't know for sure, but it looks like someone took a lace bra, some nude tulle and a plaid kilt, ran it over and threw it on SJP, please, the picture speaks for itself. save plaid for the 70's.
And now for the wonderful weekly hairstyle!(s)
Jennifer  Lopez! I absolutely love her hair in this picture. a nice straight straight strand and then a nice wavy curl at the bottom looks lovely with her face shape not to mention the beautiful honey chestnut with highlights that flatter her skin tone. Then to kick it off, the white to make her olive tones stand out.  This is an example of a well balanced yet beautiful look. The makeup is simple with nothing bold because the hair does the talking :) I love love love this and I can't wait to rock it for 2011! Happy new year if I don't get my next post up!
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xoxo shenae.

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