Thursday, October 27, 2011

Layer up!


With fall being here so soon--yesterday it was summer I swear-- we find ourselves cold and not used to the chilly weather being that lately it's been hot and sunny. The easiest way to overcome your chilliness is to layer up! Tank top, T-shirt, thin sweater, sweatshirt, coat. Since it's fall now, I think it's time to introduce... The scarf, *Gasp from crowd* I'm going to tell you right now, I do not own a single scarf, but I absolutely posatootley want one. They're not expensive either, and I think they're great, but it's just something I don't find myself buying. I'd buy a basic tank or a green tee like the ones shown above, but I don't buy scarves because I don't think they go with alot of things. However if you wear it right, then it could be the most super cute outfit known to woman kind! Here are some pictures where people wear the scarves right --to me-- :)
Lauren Conrad
Taylor Swift
Shenae Grimes :) shenae
Random scarf pictures to show how to wear them :) Moving on I have some moccasins which are a huge staple in my shoe pile. I bought some cheap ones from payless last year and definitely got my wearings worth out of them. I wore those shoes through the snow, in the heat, and in the rain, for the most part they held up. I'd had them for about two years until they got ruined. I just bought a new pair of grey ones from payless, same ones different color, and I absolutely am so super satisfied. They're so comfortable too, they don't rub on the back of your feet like other flats do. They were also only 26$ which is wonderful for two year lasting shoes.
The last things in the picture are some nail polish, a nice red fall color by O.P.I and a sweater, and some other stuff like a random backpack! I actually started this post like before my school started... September, so that's why that backpack is there, it's still cute though. Oh and theres some bangles too that looked fallish. Well I hope you all have a good one, and don't forget to check out my facebook, find the link on the right sidebar.
Xoxo Shenae

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