Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get your hands on these items NOW!

  • The picture above shows what you need to get NOW. Honestly these are just my opinion but I hope that this guide helps you whether it be to purchase a gift for someone, learn about the deals going on, or just realize that you really need a Pea coat because it's been getting cold where you live :).  Lets go backwards this time since lately with the pictures we start from the beginning. I also added some other things because they will either--in my opinion--be going out of style soon, or is limited edition.
  • First we have a peppermint mocha from Starbucks. I know I mentioned it in my last blog post, but I can't tell you how wonderful this is! I really like that they decorate it so your not just paying like $4.00 for a mocha, you're paying for a warm peppermint mocha with fresh whipped cream and ... peppermint flavoring shavings? I think that's what it is. Either way, they decorate to perfection, and it tastes super yummy. (Just for a side note, I also love the ginger one, but I don't know what that's called, probably just a ginger cappuccino.)
  •  Next up to the plate, or should I say type, is the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette. It's a little bit on the pricier side at $55, but If you love Urban Decay and you've got the money, go for it! I don't know how long this pallette will be out so that's why I included this shadow set.
  • Working our way back we find ourselves looking (staring) at this gorgeous sparkly Alice + Olivia Dress. I don't know what this retails for, but a dress in general for winter formal would be perfect right now. Since winter formal is about a month or two away, buying the dress now while stores are having sales is a big bonus. (Another side note, sparkles, sequins, and glitter, are totally in this fall/winter so bring out the shine!)
  • Yaay! Were making progress, finally at the top. Okay, so here's the dillio, we've all heard of the Crackle nail polish right? Well lets just say that I'm not a big fan. . However If you like crackle nail polish, I suggest buying it now because it's really popular and the price will be jacked up for the holidays. Or it could be a giant sale and you could get a bunch for cheap...hmm. 
  • This one is super exciting because I'm getting one Friday! I'm so excited because I've never had a peacoat before and they are so comfortable and cute. Plus they go with everything, and not just color-wise but  it would look good with a t-shirt just as with a pretty blouse...who says blouse these days. I probably typed that because in spanish class today we learned that a "blouse" is called a "blusa" or "la blusa" lol.
  • Last on the list is my favorite because I've been eyeing them but they are soooooooooo super expensive. Well to me anyway. Purple sequin Uggs are new this year I think. I really really really want them so bad. The color is sooooooooo pretty too. It's a blue and purple mixed but most of all, it's sequined! Maybe if I saved up enough I could get them and do a review. How would you do a review on a shoe though? I'm not sure. Anywho, thanks for reading my post :) 
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