Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last Minute costume ideas


Most of us have already bought our Halloween costumes and such, but a few haven't so for this next week I will be posting Last Minute costume ideas for those of us who, lets just say, lose track of time around this season.  Usually we --as girls-- have at least one party dress, prom dress, pageant gown in our closet that we only used once and never to be seen again. Think about it, you spent all that money and now that beautiful sparkly dress that's too outrageous for work, too distracting for school, and too fancy to wear casually is just sitting there looking pretty. That's why Halloween was invented, to wear the most outrageous things that you would never wear normally and look somewhat NOT crazy. Plus you could look mysterious with a mask on. This is what I'm going as this year. I'm making my own mask with supplies from a local hobby lobby store. I'm very excited because the whole thing cost me only 12 measly dollars! My dress is from DEB and it's teal with a leopard bubble bottom. My mask is black with teal glitter and black feathers and sequins. I'll curl my hair and do a smoky night look with my makeup. Just in case I want to take the mask off. 
Xoxo good luck, Shenae
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