Thursday, October 20, 2011

A girls best friend

                            The following is a guide of everything that a girl should try or have. zlfkjgsdofnkojefrg
The first thing a girl should try is a starbucks coffee. If you don't like coffee then try a smoothie, starbucks is the best place in the whole word for coffee. I get the chocolate and banana viviano but I've also tried their peppermint cappuccino. Next on the list is an Iphone. Ok, so not all of us may have the money for a $500 cell phone but it's really worth it, think of all the things you can do with it. Plus there's an Ipod built into it! I already have an ipod though.  Following that on the list is another thing that I don't actually own, but I so wish! Bright pink pumps. They are so pretty! I'm pretty tall already so I wouldn't need them for height. They would go really well with an LBD which is after the pumps in my picture guide. I think now that times are changing and people are getting more mature and sophisticated, an asymmetrical dress such as the one above is perfect for the aspiring young lady. If you're going out then it might be in favor to have long lush lashes, if that's so, then I suggest Maybelline's One by One Mascara in Blackest Black. It's not waterproof but it make's your eye lashes so long and pretty it's hard to resist. For lips I suggest a pink to match your shoes? Next on the list of things a girl should have is a pink lip gloss. You don't need any other color as long as you have pink. Pink goes with almost anything, so it's basically fail proof! Equally important is dark brown Uggs! They don't have to be dark brown but let me tell you, just a few days ago, I was at Target and they have a new selection of shoes right? Omghhkp, there were some dark brown knock off Uggs there for $32 and I was like, HAVE TO HAVE THEM! I didn't bring enough with me though so I suffered without them, but I'll save up and get them next time. The last two things I do own, that is, a feather hair extension. Mine are blue, white, and orange, don't worry it blends nicely, then some nerd glasses! I absolutely love nerd glasses! In black they are totally chic! Modern nerd? Girly Urcle?
Tell me what you think. Disagree with some of these items? Comment below and share your thoughts :) Xoxoxo Shenae. I know there's a big space after this post but I can't backspace it, it's bugging me, I'm dearly sorry :(