Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trend report...Sequins! Hottest way to make a statement.

I'm extremely excited to say that the newest and hottest trend for winter spring are sequins! It can be any color or texture or print underneath as long as its sequiny. Even at the gym you can wear sequin spandex and it's awesome! It's totally chic and classy. Pair it with a white oxford, a black bow tie, the sequin shorts, and a blazer, maybe add black heels and you're looking great! Dresses are also a huge hit. sequined on top, tulle on the bottom. I especially love the dress below because of its gorgeous sweetheart neckline and simple detailing.  Above in the picture are some of the things I think are cute with sequins.
Here are some of my favorite celebs wearing sequins...
Lauren Conrad
Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez
Kim Kardashian

Hope you enjoyed and I also hope you purchase or just wear something sequined this season! Xoxo Shenae <3

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